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2018 Compliance Institute Presentations & Handouts

Over 100 presentations and discussions led by healthcare professionals, attorneys, chief compliance officers and other specialists at HCCA's 22nd Annual Compliance Institute, April 15-18, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. You may decide to focus on a single session track, or to select sessions from several disciplines.

Presentations and handouts are in PDF file format unless otherwise indicated. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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P1 Large Hospital Systems Presentation 

P2 Compliance Program Start Up: What Are the Basics Needed for Your Infrastructure? Presentation 

P3 Hey, Therapy Provider! The Government and Private Insurers Have Therapy in Focus—Do You? Presentation 

P4 Designing an Effective Privacy Program Presentation 

P5 Physician and APP Coding Workshop Presentation 

P6 False Claims Act Developments Presentation  Handout 

P7 The Great Internal Audit-Compliance Mystery Presentation Handout

P8 Top IT and Cyber Risks to Include in Your Audit Plan Presentation

P9 Try Your Luck: Solve a Complex Compliance Case Study Presentation Handout 1

P10 Why In The World Is the Compliance Officer Asking about Quality? Presentation 

P11 Due Diligence for Acquisition and Partnerships Presentation 

P12 Navigating Therapy Compliance Requirements Across the Continuum of Care Presentation 

P13 Laboratory Compliance: Maintaining Compliance in an Uncertain and Changing Environment Presentation 1 Presentation 2 Presentation 3 Presentation 4 Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5

P14 Managed Care Organizations and Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness: Review the Tools Used by Hospitals, Health Plans and Providers to Measure Effectiveness and See How They Work! Presentation 

P15 Tactics for Maintaining Expected Levels of Performance in an Increasingly Complex Regulatory Environment Presentation 

P16 Conflict of Interest 2.0: Beyond Data Collection Presentation 

P17 Post-Acute Compliance Officers: How Do You Prepare for Constant Change and the Unknown of the Regulatory Environment Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2

P18 What Do Carnegie Hall and Good Security Incident Response Plans Have In Common: To Get There You Must Practice, Practice, Practice! Presentation 

P19 Benchmarking and Coding Outlier Workshop Presentation 

P20 Anatomy of a False Claims Act Case: Investigation, Litigation, Negotiation, Resolution Handout 

P21 340B Compliance Monitoring Utilizing Data Analytics Presentation 

P22 Three Keys to Rock Your Auditing and Monitoring Plan Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 Handout 6 
Handout 7 

P23 Collaboration between Compliance, Internal Audit and Coding Operations Presentation 

P24 Three Blind Mice: Achieve a Shared Vision for Compliance, Risk, and Quality Presentation 

P25 Significant Regulatory Changes and OMHA Initiatives Impacting the Medicare Appeals Process Presentation

P26 The Ups and Downs of DME Presentation 

P27 Issues in Academic Medical Compliance: Bridging the Great Divide Presentation 1 Presentation 2 Presentation 3 

P28 What’s New and Exciting in Research Compliance: Exploring New Laws, Regulations and Government Guidance Presentation 

GS1 OIG Update Presentation

GS2 Next Level Leadership Presentation

101 Healthcare Fraud Enforcement From The Trenches: The Top Government Enforcement Priorities in the Healthcare Space Presentation

102 Strategies for Managing Conflict of Interests in the World of Innovation Presentation

103 60-Day Overpayment Rule: What Does Due Diligence Really Mean? Presentation

104 HIPAA Update: Policy and Enforcement Presentation

105 QPP Year Two: Clinical Practice Guidelines and Improving Quality of Care Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2

106 Self-Disclosures: Report, Repayment, and the Options Presentation

107 You Know that They Say.…Curiosity Killed the Cat! Best Practices & Tips on How to Implement a Proactive Breach Detection Plan Presentation

108 Managing Organizational Risk: The Mighty Triad of Compliance, Internal Audit, and Risk Management Presentation

109 IT for the Non-IT Compliance Professional Presentation 

110 How to Successfully Integrate A New Healthcare Entity into Your Compliance Program Presentation 

111 4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend You Take Marketing Compliance Seriously Presentation 

112 Compliance Trends and Challenges for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment Provider Presentation

AD1 Communicating with Regulators Presentation 

201 Reinventing the Internal Investigation: Practical Strategies for Ensuring a Yates-Informed Process Presentation Handout

202 What Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Effective Compliance Education Presentation

203 Pills, Providers and Problems: How to Investigate Drug Diversion in Long-Term Care Presentation

204 Insider Threats: Healthcare Privacy & Security Presentation

205 Hospice Physician Compensation: Top Trends and Compliance Concerns for Providers Presentation 

206 OIG Developments 2018 Presentation 

207 Welcome to the Alphabet Soup of OIG, MACs, UPICs and RACs Presentation

208 High Value Charge Capture and Revenue Integrity Assessments Presentation

209 Intoxicated Leadership: How to Avoid Leading Under the Influence of Your Emotions Presentation

210 Could It Happen to You? Lessons from Today’s Headline Cases Presentation 

211 Maybe You Can’t Go to Europe, But that Does Not Mean It Won’t Come to You: The GDPR Implications For U.S. Healthcare Providers Presentation

212 DMEPOS Audit Trends: What to Expect and How to Respond Presentation

301 Telemedicine: Regulatory Compliance Concerns in a Rapidly Changing Environment Presentation 

302 Special Issues for Global Compliance Officers No presentation or handout available

303 New RoPs: The Role of the Board and Compliance in the Facility Assessment Process and Risk of Non-Compliance Presentation

304 The Revised Substance Use Disorder Privacy Regulations of 42 C.F.R. Part 2 Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2

305 Why Managing Physician Contracts Is Like a Game of Whack-A-Mole and How to Position Your Health System to Win Presentation

306 Kickback and Stark Law Developments Presentation Handout 

307 CMS Surveys: What Can We Learn? Presentation 

308 Transforming Clinical Care Through the Use of Nursing Documentation Audits Presentation

309 Leveraging Employee Survey Data to Measure Awareness and Effectiveness of Your Program Presentation

310 Current Compliance Guidance and Scrutiny by HHS OIG and DOJ Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 Handout 6 Handout 7 Handout 8 Handout 9

311 One Happy Family: How to Integrate New Entities and Joint Ventures Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 

312 Back from the Brink: Transforming a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program on the Heels of a Self-Report Presentation

401 Hot Topics in Retail Pharmacy Compliance Presentation

402 How Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Work Plans Set the Foundation for Successful Compliance Programs Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3

403 New RoPs: Survey Trends, Implementation Challenges and Upcoming Compliance Requirements Presentation

404 Data Protection, Privacy and Security Issues in the Health Care Industry: What Are the State Enforcers Looking At? Presentation

405 Physicians and Compliance: Are They Oil and Water? Presentation

406 Effective Internal Investigations of Compliance Matters: Best Practices and Preservation of Privilege Presentation

407 Best Practice: A Partnership Approach to a More Powerful Coding Compliance Program Presentation

408 340B Program Outlook: An Auditor’s Toolkit for 2018 and Beyond Presentation

409 Compliance Today, Effectiveness Tomorrow: the Necessary Actions to Achieve Success Presentation

410 Betting on Your Provider-Based Status? Presentation

411 CMS Playbook: What’s New and What’s Next in 2018 Presentation

GS3 Update from CMS Presentation

GS4 Compliance as a Strategic Business Partner: A CEO’s Perspective No presentation or handout available

GS5 Ethical Vigilance Creates a WellNow Culture Presentation

501 Escobar and the New Compliance Cartel Presentation

502 Operationalizing Compliance with the New Nondiscrimination Requirements of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act Presentation

503 Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh My! Walking through the Dark Forest of the Compliance Knowns and Unknowns in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures in Post-Acute Care Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 

504 BAM! A Sound You Want to Hear When Working with Your Business Associates Presentation

505 A Roadmap for Medical Staff Corrective Action: How to Avoid the Many Pitfalls Presentation

506 Telemedicine and Digital Health: Compliance Hot Topics for 2018 and Beyond Presentation

507 MYSSION: Monitoring Your Short Stays and Observation Nights Presentation Handout 1

508 Leveraging Internal Audit & Forensics in Your Compliance Program Presentation

509 Preparing for a Job Search Presentation

510 MACRA: Not Just for Providers Presentation

511 Compliance Design in a World of New Models Presentation

512 Out of the Shadows: Behavioral Health Compliance and Legal Issues for Every Provider Presentation

601 Dealing with Legalized Medical Marijuana: The Dilemma Created by Conflicting Federal and State Laws Presentation

602 Medicare Managed Care Compliance Standards for FDRs: Is Your Organization’s Compliance Program Adequate? Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 Handout 6 Handout 7

603 Compliance and Risk Management: A Marriage Made in LTC Regulatory Heaven Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2

604 Unforeseen Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Presentation

605 The Dx on HCC: How Medicare Advantage Plans and ACOs Create New Compliance Risk for Physicians Presentation

606 Real World Repayment Dilemmas: DRG Validation v. Clinical Validation v. Quality Measures v. Government Audit Findings Presentation

607 An Ounce of Prevention: Adding Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises to Your Compliance Toolkit Presentation

608 Identifying, Assessing and Auditing IT Risks in Health Presentation

609 How to Change the Perception of Compliance from Obstacle to Business Partner Presentation

610 Managing Ethical Issues in FCA and Other Enforcement Actions Presentation

611 Are You Ready to Weather the Storm: Aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Presentation

612 Key Issues an AMC Privacy Officer Should Know Presentation

701 Current State, HRSA Audit Enhancements and What the Future Holds Presentation

702 Creating Effective Compliance Program at Your Community Health Center Presentation

703 How to Conduct a Compliance Risk Assessment Presentation

704 Encryption Is Not Enough Presentation

705 When Physicians Work with Non-Physician Practitioners: Compliance Risks of Collaborative Practices Presentation

706 Ask the Stark Law Professionals: Q&A Session Presentation

707 Physician Arrangement Auditing 101 Presentation Handout

708 Intersection of Internal Audit and Compliance Presentation

709 David & Goliath: Compliance Investigations in the Era of Social Media Presentation

710 Coding & Documentation Compliance Risks: Hints & Tips for the Compliance Professional Presentation

711 CIA Success Story: Settlement, Implementation, Effectiveness Presentation

712 Barriers to Sharing Health Information in Behavioral Health Presentation

W1 Corporate Integrity Agreement Developments, Understanding the Government’s Expectations Presentation 1 Presentation 2

W2 Compliance Program Game Changers Presentation 

W3 How to Develop a "Speak-up” Compliance Culture Presentation

W4 Privacy Officer Roundtable No presentation or handout available

W5 Documentation and Reimbursement Workshop Presentation

W6 Compliance, Self-Disclosure and Managing the Risk Presentation

W7 Payer Issues, Denials and Process for Clinical Trials: How to Audit for Lost Revenue! Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 Handout 6 Handout 7 Handout 8 Handout 9 

W8 Collaboration: Are You Increasing or Decreasing Your Risk? Presentation

W9 Internal Investigations: What’s in Your Organization’s Toolkit? Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3

W10 Top Hot Quality and Compliance Areas to Partner and Mitigate Risk Presentation

W11 Using Technology to Leverage Your Compliance Program Presentation

W12 Ensuring Your Vendors Comply with Your Compliance Requirements/Plan Presentation

W13 Medical Device Replacements: Compliance Insights for Device Warranty Credits and No Charge Devices Presentation Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3

W14  Practical Considerations for Managing Compliance, Legal and Operational Risk with Joint Venture Relationships Presentation

W15 The Doctor Will Skype You Now? A Compliance Officer’s Roadmap for Telemedicine Presentation Handout

W16 Physician Arrangement Bootcamp Presentation Handout

W17 Managed Care Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance Presentation

W18 Provider-Based Status Update: How Recent Changes Impact Off-Campus Outpatient Departments’ Compliance, Payment, and Transactions Presentation

W19 Auditing Identity & Access Management: Addressing the Root Causes Presentation

W20 Happily Ever After Requires Work: Effective Training for Ongoing Employee Engagement Presentation

W21 Full Speed Ahead on Drug Diversion Control Efforts: Enforcement Trends, Investigations, and Prevention Presentation 1 Presentation 2

W22 The Road Ahead Presentation