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DOJ Wins Two Big Fraud Trials; Execs, MDs Face Long Prison Terms
Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 28, Number 14. April 15, 2019

Anti-Kickback Law
EKRA compliance: Questions and implications raised by new federal law
Compliance Today April 2019

False Claims Act
Urgent Care Centers Settle FCA Case; Overdocumentation Was Alleged
Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 28, Number 13. April 08, 2019

Columbia Email Breach Shows Need for Research Safeguards
Report on Patient Privacy Volume 19, Number 3. March 06, 2019

Healthcare Fraud
Bass, Berry & Sims releases Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Review 2018
Compliance Today April 2019

Slew of NSF OIG Audits Features ‘Emphatic’ Disagreement By CSU
Report on Research Compliance Volume 16, Number 4. April 01, 2019

Medicare and Mediciad
Quality Payment Program: A new compliance frontier
Compliance Today March 2019

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