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Handouts - 2017 - Regional - Nashville

Nashville Regional Conference
Friday, November 17, 2017
Nashville, TN

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Recent DOJ and OIG Compliance Effectiveness Measures

Sara Kay Wheeler, Partner, King & Spalding
Andi Bosshart, SVP, Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer, CHS

  • Defining Effectiveness: The regulator’s perspective
  • Using the DOJ and OIG effectiveness measures in your compliance program

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Evaluating “Credible-Source” under the 60-day Overpayment Refund Rule

Brian Roark, Member, Bass, Berry & Sims

  • Define “identify” a credible source
  • Consider both internal and external sources as credible

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Appropriate Use of Scribes: How to Handle Scribes Who are Performing Other Services Such as Patient Care

Danielle Sloane, Bass, Berry & Sims
Kevin Townsend, Director, Physician Practice Compliance, Community Health Systems

  • How scribes can improve efficiency in an electronic environment.
  • Limitations to what scribes can do for physician practices, particularly in a facility setting.
  • Evaluating the regulatory risks of different scribe arrangements.
  • Compliance best practices for evaluating and monitoring scribe services

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Risks and Hot Spots in Durable Medical Equipment Services

Jerod J. Holloway, Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services, KPMG
​​​​​​​Sarah Jacobs Beard, Director, Healthcare Investigations and Disputes, KPMG

  • The DME enforcement climate
  • Recent enforcement cases of note
  • Leading practices and considerations to ensure compliance

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Telemedicine: How to Set up a Compliant Telemedicine Program

Scott Purdue, Polycom
​​​​​​​Judd Harwood, Partner, Bradley
Kyle Simonton, Buerger, Moseley & Carson

  • Understanding the technology
  • Legal and regulatory risks of telemedicine
    • PHI at risk
    • Legal considerations
    • Credentialing considerations

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A View from Washington: The Evolving Healthcare Agenda

Larry Kocot, Partner, KPMG, Center for Healthcare Regulatory Insight

No presentation available

Enforcement Actions

Chris Covington, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Office of Inspector General
​​​​​​​John Louallen, Program Integrity Manager, AdvanceMed

No presentation available

Off-shore Access to Data

Melissa McLeod-Seyfert, Director of Consulting, Peak Health Solutions

  • Meeting compliance requirements of offshore data access
  • Pros and Cons of offshoring data

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Presentation (3 slides/page)