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Celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

Celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week?
Get your company the recognition it deserves for participating in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. Submit the form below and we will add you to the list of companies that are celebrating this year. It's a great way to earn credit for your organizations efforts and to show employees around the world that this is such a large and important program. 
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Participating Companies

U.S. Medical Management - 1) Compliance Trivia Daily 2) Compliance Poster Contest 3) Photo of Doom-Identify privacy risks in a photo 4) Free Food! 

Hanger, Inc. - The theme for Hanger's 2018 Compliance Week is "Could it Happen to You? What We Can Learn from Compliance in the News". Each day we focused on a different aspect of compliance, ranging from HIPAA to how to handle on-site visits from regulators. We focused on a related news article daily, analyzed how the individuals or organization in the article could have acted differently, and reinforced the policies, procedures, and tools that Hanger has in place to avoid similar issues. Finally, we awarded $25 VISA gift cards to four randomly-chosen respondents to our Compliance Question of the Day. We got a lot of great feedback from employees across our organization, and we're already looking forward to Compliance Week 2019. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI - Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI 2018 Compliance and Ethics Week (Oct 31 through Nov 7) The goal of the BCBSM Compliance and Ethics Week is to remind the workforce that compliance is everyone’s business. Compliance helps to ensure that the company is adhering to policies and regulatory mandates. It’s a critical component toward avoiding fines, protecting our reputation and driving the business forward. Our promotional plan consisted of articles and memos in our company’s weekly newsletter (featuring support from our CEO) as well as electronic message board coverage. We increased awareness and participation by conducting an online contest featuring a scavenger hunt where we included questions from our annual compliance training in effort to supplement the annual training. Two live events increased the involvement by the workforce and offered an opportunity for the workforce to meet members of the compliance team and ask questions which is a way to encourage two way communication between the workforce and the compliance team. The main activity during the live event was the opportunity to win prizes by tossing a sack into the “Compliance corn-hole” board and answering the corresponding “compliance question”. Compliance representatives also encouraged participants to enter our online contest. We handed out materials that described the functions of the compliance areas and Compliance "badge tags" that offers easy access to compliance resources. The giveaways included “Compliance is Everyone’s Responsibility” pens, note pads and a coveted Compliance Tumbler. The conclusion of the BCBSM Compliance and Ethics Week celebration was an article in the weekly newsletter that reinforced our message of the importance of having a culture of compliance and featured the grand prize winner of the online contest. 

Health Care Partners of SC - HCPSC hosted an online policy scavenger hunt. I emailed out a question/clue each day. Each staff member (each day) who responded is entered into a a drawing for $100 visa gift card at the end of the week (Friday).

Autism Learning Partners - We are celebrating Compliance Week at ALP by sending out daily compliance flyers and updates to all of our employees starring our mascot - Snow the alpaca! We are also recognizing standout employees on Friday who exemplify our company core values and always strive to "do the right thing." Those employees will be acknowledged with companywide kudos and will receive a token of gratitude from the compliance department for their efforts. We are very excited to be participating in our first celebration of National Compliance Week! 

Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service - We have posted updated and improved Compliance & Ethics posters and HIPAA Privacy & Security posters with contacts for Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer and Security Officer contacts, along with "inspirational" posters to recognize Corporate Compliance & Ethics week. Additionally, we are sending daily messages to our entire company email distribution that includes thought provoking quotes and reminders about how to access our Compliance Manual and HIPAA and Security Policies & Procedures.

ProPath - This is our first year celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. We kicked off the week with an announcement on our intranet with some training videos and educational materials. Throughout the week we will be making daily announcements with various games and giveaways. We have a Spot the Violation game, followed by a non-monetary compliance wheel where employees can spin the prize wheel and win ProPath swag. Later in the week we will have a HIPAA word search where all entrants will be eligible for a prize drawing. At the end of the week, we will have a company-wide celebration and pass out popcorn treats to the entire company.

Mission Health - We're celebrating by having daily videos for staff to watch and quizzes or puzzles that they can complete and submit to win prizes. We made some cute videos about compliance topics using the children of some of our staff. We're calling them the "Compliance Kids". It was a fun way to interject a little humor into our videos and still get an important message across. 

Travis County Healthcare District d/b/a Central Health - This year was Central Health's first celebration of Compliance and Ethics Week. The focus of the week was to increase employee knowledge of what is compliance and how it impacts everyone's role, not just the compliance department. Daily emails with tidbits about compliance and ethics, a activity to familiarize themselves with compliance concepts and a survey to conduct an assessment of the compliance program was sent to all employees. The activities included a get to know you game of leadership, word search, cross word puzzle and a "spot the violation" eye-spy game. Participants were entered into a raffle for prizes. Compliance also organized meet and greets (serving yummy treats) at several of the organizations locations throughout the week to give a face to the newly implemented compliance program.

Beacon Health Options - We distribute educational material to staff to reinforce our company's values, Code of Conduct and compliance policies.

NUWAY - We had Compliance scavenger hunts at each of our locations, had three appreciation taco bar, gave out unique compliance stickers and sunglasses with a signature phrase. Also, a week long contest to design a Compliance Mascot for the department, with a grand prize given to the winning individual/team. This was our company's first year of celebrating National Compliance and Ethics Week! 

DataFile Technologies, LLC - We are excited to celebrate our third year of participation in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week! At DataFile Technologies, we recognize that our greatest compliance asset is our people. This year, we've introduced a theme to our week "HIPAA Heroes" to add to the fun. Throughout the week, articles will be posted on intranet with a question that introduces the following day’s topic. Those who submit an answer the question will be entered in to win a raffle prize. The week ends on a bang! We will host a “Lunch and Learn” where food will be provided and employees can ask their questions to our Compliance & Security Team. Employees who submit questions before the event are entered to win a raffle prize. Overall, we want the week to be welcome a positive culture of compliance, and to celebrate our employee’s doing their best work to maintain a compliant culture each and every day. DataFile's Compliance & Security Team is excited for this opportunity to share knowledge and connect with our healthcare data experts! 

HAP - Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP) is CELEBRATING Compliance 11/5 – 11/9 by distributing HAP swag and goodies to all. There are also opportunities to win gift cards and lunch with HAP’s CEO. Specific activities include: 1) Posting pictures of compliance staff on HAP TV, 2) Promoting the week on our Intranet site the week before and the week of Compliance Week, 3) Posting videos of interviews with staff about “What Compliance Means to Me” on Yammer (HAP’s Internal Social Media site) 4) Encouraging questions during the Meet & Greet 5) Promoting Compliance with a Compliance Word Search puzzle 6) Hosting a Compliance Party at each location where employees can receive a thank you treat and have an opportunity to play Compliance Jeopardy 7) Participating in a Compliance Photo Scavenger Hunt 8) Promoting Compliance on Yammer by tagging friends with #CelebrateCompliance 

Legacy Health Plan - 1. Contest / Quiz to all employees (12 Questions) and prizes for best scores. 2. Serve breakfast from 11/5 - 11/8, 2014 to all employees 3. Give out compliance souvenirs to all employees. 4. Winners for the contest to be held on 11/8/2018 - all employees are invited to attend. 

Tri-City Health Center (Fremont, CA) - Tri-City Health Center is celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week to promote awareness. We are giving out swag ordered from HCCA (bracelets, sanitizers, and note books). We also are giving out dyi seed packets labeled "Planting the seeds of Compliance. Each day of the week we are doing a walk-around at each Tri-City clinic location and commencing a Jeopardy game via our intranet. Two winners will be selected per day (Admin and Clinic staff) and they will be receiving a prize. As a continuous effort, we are inviting departments to partner with us for compliance training. 

RestorixHealth - We celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week every year to raise awareness and strengthen our compliance program. Each day, a message is sent out via our intranet. Day 1, is an introduction letter from the Compliance Team reminding all staff how they can reach us and an agenda for the weeks events. Day 2, we will announce the winner of the "Compliance Guru" challenge which we initiated a few weeks prior. A prize giveaway will go to the winner. Day 3, a series of Compliance Awareness posters will be dispersed. Day 4, a quiz/game will be sent out for a prize giveaway. Day 5, a letter will be sent to all staff from our CEO on the importance of our program. 

OrthoCarolina - OrthoCarolina has daily huddles at all locations. Our marketing team organizes the material for the daily huddles themes. This week/month (marketing collaborated with compliance) we are incorporating Compliance and Ethic topics for several huddles, some examples; 'meet the compliance team', 'social media compliance', our compliance hotline', 'minimal necessary rule', 'our code of ethics', just to name a few. We also have free compliance giveaways for all staff.

St. Charles Health System, Inc. - We celebrate by visiting all four hospital campuses and hosting a "Compliance & Ethics Fair" where we educate caregivers of Ethics and Compliance by way of playing games and giving out prizes and ice cream. We also ask our caregivers to nominate a coworker who demonstrates Compliance and Ethics on a daily basis. 

PrimaryOne Health - We have already started out engagement with staff using table tents and I will be sending out daily email blasts. Our All Staff Meeting is on Thursday and we will be using Legos as the tables (staff of 315) to show the link with Compliance and PrimaryOne Health. 

Wilmington Health - Wilmington Health is excited to begin it's fourth Annual Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week Celebration! This year our theme is "Compliance Doesn't Have to be a BEAR." We're using this theme to introduce our official compliance mascot, a Teddy Bear. With this theme we're looking to reinforce our Compliance Program as a safe and effective resource for everyone within the organization. We celebrate the week with daily emails from our Compliance Officer addressing a different compliance topic and introducing a daily game or puzzle with the chance to win prizes including gift cards for free coffee or a free meal. One of our events is a Mascot Naming Contest where our employees submit potential names for our new mascot. Our hallmark event for the week is a Compliance Poetry contest where employees work in teams of 5 or less to write a poem or poems addressing compliance topics. The winning poem gets a goody bag full of Company schwag and gifts cards and will be featured in our Annual & New Hire Compliance Training. We also had several employees affected by Hurricane Florence this year, so in addition to our Compliance Week celebration we're hosting a food drive entitled, "Fill the Cart" in an effort collect food items to supply 10 families with a proper Thanksgiving Feast. It's going to be a busy but fun week! 

Meadville Medical Center - We will be set up in our cafeterias over lunch. Employees will draw a compliance related question from a bowl for a chance to play PLINKO and win prizes. The employees can also sign up to win random drawings throughout the week just for stopping by our table. As the new compliance officer I am excited to meet more staff and promote our program!

Scott County Hospital - Scott County Hospital employees are asked to nominate a person for "Corporate Compliance Person of the Year" and provide an example of why they think they deserve the title. We are having all associates vote at the end of the week and the winner will get a gift card. We are also distributing Compliance Trivia Quizzes to raise awareness and then one winner will be selected and will win a gift card. To end the week, we are having ice cream served and are naming it "Compliance is sweet" to reinforce a positive culture of Compliance. Winners for our contests will also be announced at this event. We're looking forward to celebrating our employees "doing good" and raising awareness for our program. 

American Renal Associates - We sent Cookies Gift Boxes to all our facilities/staff - "Thanks for Making Good Choices, Compliance Week 2018" label on each cookie - as well as a Word Search puzzle with Compliance related questions - chance for staff to win a gift card for submitting their completed word search. 

Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services - Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services will be kicking off The Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week by the following activities: •Daily Inspirational Quotes related to Compliance & Ethics sent every day to all 1700 employees. •A Compliance & Ethics Week Customized Bracelet! One is available for every employee and distributed with a sign for each office location. •Scavenger Hunt: that guides employees to the appropriate places (e.g. online policy manual, compliance hotline poster) and they will email the compliance officer their answers to feel comfortable reaching out for any future needs or questions. Employees who complete this will have one chance to win an iPad 9.7-inch Wi-Fi 32 GB. A related crossword puzzle is also available for an additional entry. •Compliance Chronicles Training which is a bi-annual Newsletter Training on an interactive Prezi Presentation platform. This is our first year participating and we are very excited. Our goal was to truly impact each and every employee, so they understand the value and importance Compliance & Ethics has on the individuals we are honored to serve. “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking,” -C.S. Lewis This is inscribed on our bracelets. 

Supercare Health - SuperCare is joining in and focusing on HIPAA, our company code of conduct, and compliant behavior. Each Team Member will be receiving a microfiber cloth with a reminder of the compliance motto, "Right Thing...Right Time...All The Time!! and will be reminded that Compliance keeps your screen clean!! We will be sending out trivia and information to help employees focus on doing the right thing at the right time ALL the time, as well as a copy of the company’s code of conduct booklet for eligibility for prizes for the top three team members with 100% correct answers.

University Medical Center of El Paso - The UMC Compliance Department will be celebrating Compliance & Ethics Week 2018 all week long by engaging our employees through daily emails with different games such as crossword puzzles, trivia's, word search games, and a weekly "Compliance Matter's" Newsletter. At the end of the week we will have a meet and greet table with a Compliance Spin the Wheel game for a chance to win prizes. This allows us the opportunity to educate and promote awareness on compliance related matters. 

Partners Behavioral Health Management - Partners is so excited and ready for our 2018 Compliance & Ethics Week recognition. Each year we try to do something a little different and I am pleased to say our Regulatory Compliance Committee (RCC) has developed a wonderful program of activities this year. Activities: Security Selfie Day: Staff are challenged to submit a selfie with anything compliance related. Whether a compliance poster, a member of the RCC, with the Compliance Plan and Program Description or otherwise. Compliance Rocks: Staff are challenged with finding the "compliance rocks" hidden at each of our locations Calling for Compliance: The Compliance team will randomly call staff and ask compliance related questions. Compliance and Ethics Lunch & Learns: 3 lunch and learns throughout various locations will be held during the week with a focus. A Compliance Survey will also be conducted during the week to establish a baseline and valuable information for the RCCs education, training and awareness efforts. 

Mid America Clinical Laboratories - MACL will provide new compliance training modules to its associates this week. We will also have a week packed with fun-filled games that educate and engage and give prizes to associates who go above and beyond. We will be giving turkeys and ham vouchers to associates who participate in all Compliance & Ethics Week activities!

Henry County Health Center - We purchased the table tents and created a quiz to coincide with those. Quizzes will be put in a drawing for a chance to win a gift card toward health center apparel. Flyers were also hung throughout the health center and treats will be available. 

Volunteer Behavioral Health - We give out Corporate Compliance Week Goodies, with Compliance tips to remind people that compliance is about doing what is right. Last year we went with the theme "make good choices", this year we have the theme "do the right thing". Compliance Tips will be going out daily. 

Beacon Health Options - We distribute educational information that reinforces our company's values, policies and the Code of Conduct. 

Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP) - We are celebrating Compliance week starting 11/5 with hap swag, celebrate compliance ribbons and pretzels. We interviewed a number of employees about what "Compliance Means to Me" that will be featured on hapTV and on yammer. We are having a compliance scavenger hunt and playing jeopardy in each of our buildings while handing out candy, water and a word search. Those who turn in compliance word searches will be entered to win lunch with the president and CEO of hap. Jeopardy participants will be entered to win a gift card. #celebratecompliance

MC-21 LLC - MC-21 LLC has been celebrating the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week for the past years. This year's celebration will involve special activities where a special "speaker" will provide a focused session to employees. We also give out goodies and compliance products during these activities.Our focus for this year includes awareness, reinforcement, among others.

SuperCare Health - SuperCare Health is celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week the fourth year. SuperCare is again emailing trivia and pop quizzes with prizes to our team members that focus on HIPAA compliance, the company’s standards of conduct and other risk areas. To emphasize the importance of being compliant the Compliance department is providing examples of behavior that support our Compliance Motto: Right Thing…Right Time…All The Time!! SuperCare Health is also having a Selfie contest of Team Members showing compliance in their day to day job; and brief statements from staff as to “what compliance means to me.” 

Shingletown Medical Center - Talk in huddle daily about responsibilities of ALL staff for compliance. And of course each [day] cake! 

Virginia Mason - Virginia Mason is excited to celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week! This year’s theme is “Integrity and Respect: We Connect!” We will have activities involving duplos to help promote the connection between integrity and respect. There will also be discussions and opportunity for reflections as we highlight everyone’ responsibility in fostering a culture of safety and in doing the right thing. 

Care Resource - Care Resource Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week Proposal Monday, November 5th- Friday, November 9th 2018 Theme: “Connect with Compliance” 1. Monday Email Blast: What, When and Why about Healthcare Compliance linking our 3C's (Compassion, Committed and Competent) Culture 2. Tuesday Survey Day: Compliance and HR Employee Engagement Survey 3. Swag Out Wednesday Silicon Compliance bracelets to entire staff: Awareness, Recognition and Reinforcement Pending 4. Thursday Compliance Word Search Puzzle Day chance to win $25.00 gift card 5. Friday Compliance Cross Word Puzzle Day chance to win $25.00 gift card.

DST Pharmacy Solutions - We are celebrating the week thru a variety of interactive activities deployed via our corporate intranet emphasizing compliance awareness, recognition, and reinforcement. 

Arizona Department of Economic Security/Division of Developmental Disabilities - The Division of Developmental Disabilities will be celebrating its first Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week this year. The Corporate Compliance Team plans to celebrate this week by raising awareness of compliance in the workplace. There will be daily activities to include games, raffles and prizes. We are taking this opportunity to provide all staff with overall knowledge of the Division's Compliance Program. The Division is committed to abide by the highest ethical standards, making program integrity a priority in everything we do. 

Clark-Lindsey Village - Team members will have the opportunity to participate in fun yet educational games related to ethics, security and privacy. At the end of the week, participants will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

LW Consulting - LW Consulting Inc., focuses on compliance with out attorney and provider clients all year long. We are excited to have a nationally recognized compliance week and to be a part of that. We will have games to increase awareness and reinforce a positive culture of compliance. We will have special compliance-focused messages sent throughout the week. We will invite employees to utilize the compliance week logo in their signatures. 

Fair Haven Community Health Care - This year will mark Fair Haven Community Health Care's fourth (4th) annual observance of Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. As a kick-off, a quiz will be sent electronically to all staff and members of the Board of Directors and participants will become eligible to receive prizes. Each of our Health Center's sites will also receive a color poster, developed by the HCCA. On 11/09/18, FHCHC will provide a Webinar (developed by the ECRI and the U.S. Attorneys Office in CT) for all licensed independent providers, other licensed clinical providers, and clinical support staff. This breakfast session will focus on the Federal Tort Claims Act and clinical malpractice coverage for federally qualified health centers.  

HealthLinc, Inc. - HealthLinc will have a Corporate Compliance Q&A article in the all staff e-newsletter. 

Millennium Physician Group - Implement the MPG Justice League with honoring our everyday heroes in our organization. Daily tips, daily games with prizes, kick off of SAI Glocal Risk Management module. 

CBS Medical Billing & Consulting - We practice compliance every single day but love having a week dedicated to celebrating Compliance and Ethics to promote compliance with our employees and clients! This year we will have a carnival themed week with lots of games, a scavenger hunt and prizes - one person will be named King/Queen of Compliance! 

Nihon Kohden - Keeping with our tradition of encouraging employees to follow the highest standards, Nihon Kohden is celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week to help employees understand and recognize their ethical and legal responsibilities. We will host games and prizes to increase awareness and reinforce key messages. Ethics and Compliance are a way of life at Nihon Kohden. 

Healthplex, Inc. - Healthplex will be celebrating its first Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week this year. We have a number of fun, educational activities to help strengthen our company’s culture of compliance. We will be hosting a Poster Contest, a Non-Compliant Desk activity and a compliance-themed crossword puzzle. The Non-Compliant Desk activity will challenge employees to spot potential risks and violations of company policies, our Code of Conduct or HIPAA. We will be giving all of our employees compliance goodies and we will be giving grand prizes to the winners of our contests. We will also be sending educational emails each day, and will be finishing off the week with a pizza party for the whole company! 

Crigroup - We will be hosting Fraud week talk on 6 Decemeber in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Global Markets.

CareCentrix - CareCentrix is pleased to participate in this year’s Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week highlighting this year’s theme: “Awareness, Recognition, Reinforcement.” We are emphasizing throughout our organization that compliance is not just a once a year activity. It is everyone’s responsibility, every day. Our intranet site will include a daily ethics quote. During this week, our senior leaders will be sending a daily email message describing what the daily ethics quote means to them and the importance of compliance at CareCentrix. Our Compliance team will be distributing daily compliance and ethics information, compliance related games, and short educational videos on compliance topics. Team members will also have an opportunity to meet their Compliance team at a cookie social and to acknowledge other team members who demonstrate strong ethical and compliant behavior through our iCare recognition program. 

Bluegrass - We will have game activities and prize give-aways to celebrate and raise awareness.

WellNecessities - WellNecessities will be having a trivia day with the chance to win a gift basket, a cup cake social day where a “Compliance Star” will be nominated, and a compliance crossword with a gift basket giveaway. 

AnMed Health - We are holding celebrations at each of our campuses throughout the week. We will be giving away goodies, play games, popcorn and a meeting and greet with our Chief Compliance Officer. We will also be kicking off our new compliance awareness campaign. 

Peak Wellness Center - Give-aways, tips and tricks, business cards with reporting information and fun, informative videos for all staff to view and share. Also, we embrace the opportunity to share with our communities we serve and do so by hosting Facebook live events. 

Walker Methodist - Education opportunities, get the work out about the compliance department, and of course products from the HCCA site that make the week fun! 

The Wesley Community - Our annual training is done this week, treats and supplies are given. Word searches and cross words are completed and games are played!!! We make it FUN!!! 

MTBC - We are excited to mention that MTBC is celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week since 2009. Each year the whole organization is decorated with colorful messages throughout all divisions with the emphasis on Healthcare Compliance. Team Compliance make it very colorful, educational as well as informational week focusing on activities to further promote our culture of “Total Compliance” during the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. Each year we hold various engaging activities centered around “Compliance”. During the entire global week the Organization’s daily Newsletter also identifies new policies, projects, as well as special trainings are conducted in relevance to HIPAA and industry guidelines. Finally, at the end of the week we conduct grand Compliance Raffle Quiz and the winning team/department wins special prizes and gifts.

BioTelemetry, Inc. - This will be our fourth annual Compliance Week celebration. We engage in company-wide compliance related activities, surveys, games, prizes, banners, snacks and Friday pizza day.

Partners In Progress - This is our third time celebrating Corporate Compliance Week. We will be having trainings that will include some fun activites and giveaways. We issue daily email updates with Compliance topics. We will have posters throughout our locations celebrating Compliance as well as raising awareness. 

Sibley Heart Center Cardiology - We will create a blog post for the week (on intranet), add content to our monthly staff newsletter, provide logo'd items including distributing hotline #, create a custom poster for our 22 clinic locations and corporate office, have an all staff (including medical staff) training at our annual education day this week. 

American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association - AOPA is celebrating 2018 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week with a full week of engaging programming, including daily continuing education opportunities for our members, daily emails with compliance tips and trivia, opportunities to win prizes, and a webpage dedicated to compliance resources. AOPA encourages its members to make good choices all year long, and we are excited to celebrate Healthcare Compliance and Ethics Week with them again this year. 

Front Porch - We will be releasing our first issue of Compliance Corner newsletter, award the grand prize for our monthly compliance game, Compliance Queries for Cards and introducing Camp Compliance at each of our California Care Centers.

Molina Healthcare - We deliver awareness on the company intranet, employee polls and email communications!

Partners Behavioral Health Management - Partners is pleased to be participating for our 3rd consecutive year of activities to further promote our culture of compliance during National Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. Each year we hold various engaging activities centered around this very important topic. This year we have a dedicated workgroup from our Regulatory Compliance Committee who are working hard to plan this year's events. Our first year we held traveling open houses at our corporate and regional sites. These were filled with various activities staff really enjoyed and learned from the many stations we set up with carnival type activities centered around cultivating an interactive learning experience. Last year we held events targeted at providing a heightened engagement environment for our remote working staff, which was a big hit. This year we are planning to hold week-long activities that provide engaging opportunities for both remote based and in-person. 

Dignity Health - Dignity Health will be celebrating this week as a company for the first time. We are excited to be planning various engaging activities to create awareness, recognition, and to recognize great compliance efforts throughout the organization. 

Regency Integrated Health Services - This will be Regency Integrated Health Services’ second year celebrating Compliance Week. Participation will include sending an email to all employees with a compliance tip each day of Compliance Week, increased compliance program awareness with Compliance Week posters for each facility and compliance activities throughout the week.

Addiction Campuses - By sharing the week with all our hard working staff who are committed to high quality and safe care! 

First Continental Life and Accident Insurance Company (FCL Dental) - The Compliance Team will be handing out compliance materials, important policy reminders, we will have an educational presentation at our Friday Social to strengthen awareness about compliance and ethics. 

Spectrum Health - We post daily compliance information on our internal webpages, and we also chose Compliance champions from each of our entities. We define those champions as individuals that throughout the year or when presented with a compliance issue, do the right thing to manage or correct the compliance concern.Champions work closely as a team with compliance on issues that impact their areas of responsibility and are vital to an effective compliance program. 

Ridgeview Medical Center - We sent out a awareness tip of the day each day of the week. In addition we had employees complete a crossword puzzle that was specific to our organization. Employees who completed the crossword were put into a drawing for prizes. 

Byram Healthcare Centers, Inc - Daily trivia questions for teammates as well as conducting a survey to educate and reinforce awareness. We are having an ice cream social in our corporate office 

Vaya Health - Vaya Health is pleased to be celebrating our second Compliance Week with a week-long training event. The first two days will focus on in-person training (with two outside speakers) for supervisors, managers and leadership with a special emphasis this year on Human Resources, the False Claims Act and the launch of our new online learning platform. Line staff choose from an all-day training either Wednesday or Thursday at two different locations across our 23-county region. Pop quizzes are built into the training program to gauge the effectiveness of each module. In addition, each staff member who attends the training receives a "goody bag" of fun gifts along with a folder of handouts, including three new cards in our "How-To" series (Workplace Safety, PolicyTech and How To Report) as well privacy and security reminders. We will also be introducing our third privacy and security slogan, which will be issued as a new poster for each facility in the coming weeks. (Our first two slogans were "Only YOU Can Prevent a Breach" and "Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe" - this year's slogan is under wraps until the unveiling.) The week will end with a compliance survey and training evaluation. Thanks for all the great ideas for next year in the list of Participating Companies! 

Bay Area Regional Medical Center - I am asking the departments to submit entries for a 2018 Compliance Calendar. We will showcase the 12 winning entries monthly on our intranet. 

Wyoming Medical Center - The celebration at WMC will include a prize drawing at the end of the week for participating in the events planed for the week. The first day will include our annual compliance survey, followed by a crossword puzzle, then the next day a word search. Employee will have to be able to find policies know certain important compliance elements etc. 

Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. - This year marks the third annual observance of Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week at Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. On 11/02/17, the Corporate Compliance Team distributed posters at each of the Health Center's clinical and administrative sites in New Haven and East Haven, CT. A Compliance & Ethics quiz will be sent to all staff using Survey Monkey. All quiz participants will be eligible to receive prizes. Staff may also submit compliance-related questions in order to be eligible for prizes. 

SuperCare Health - We hand out Compliance Ethic goodies & conduct quizzes for everyone to participate in to win Compliance Celebratory Items! 

Ontario Systems LLC - All staff, week long, compliance trivia game, prizes and client communications. 

Four Winds Saratoga - We will include awareness in our Compliance Newsletter and will be hanging posters relating to Compliance & Ethics in our staff dining room. We will also distribute a Compliance & Ethics word search for staff to win prizes. 

SuperCare Health - For three years SuperCare Health is celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. This year, SuperCare is again emailing trivia and pop quizzes with prizes that focus on improving quality of patient care, the company’s standards of conduct and other risk areas. To emphasize the importance of being compliant the Compliance department is providing examples of behavior that support our Compliance Motto: Right Thing…Right Time…All The Time!! In 2017 SuperCare Health is “shining a light on compliance,” and promoting that “staying compliant is transparent.” SuperCare Health is also having a Selfie contest of Team Members showing compliance in their day to day job. 

McBee Associates - McBee's CEO kicks off the week with a message to all employees about the importance of compliance to the company and our clients. McBee will conduct annual compliance training for all employees during the week of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. The Compliance Officer will visit each office and hold informal question and answer time with employees. All employees can participate in the daily trivia games. The Compliance Officer provides daily compliance tips and the firm holds it nomination for Corporate Compliance and Ethics Employee of the Year. 

Parkland Health & Hospital System - Parkland Health and Hospital System is planning a week of information awareness activities. The Compliance and Ethics Team will be at various sites to raise awareness about compliance and ethics. During the week, we will have education booths set-up with interactive games and daily quizzes with giveaways. 

Trillium Health Resources - Trillium Health Resources will conduct its annual Compliance Week Celebration in an electronic format this year, 2017. Daily Topics to review by email, compliance tidbits on the staff intranet, and a “get to know our Chief Compliance Officer” excerpt as well. Our staff intranet will share videos about compliance-related topics and issues. Trillium will also offer pre- & post-test surveys to gauge our employees’ existing knowledge of corporate compliance compared with what they learn during the week. 

Peach State Health Plan - We will have special events, gatherings, and give out compliance prizes to promote Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. 

Imagine the Possibilities 

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - The Compliance Office used the National Theme " Make Good Choices", but with a twist. Our official theme is Don't gamble with decisions, Make good choices". We decided to use a casino theme and celebrate the entire week. We have identified Monday (Play and Win with Compliance), Wednesday (Hit the Jackpot with Compliance) and Friday ( Bet on Compliance) as days to play educational casino games, give a way lots of compliance information and swag items (Poker chips, stress reliever dice, playing cards, etc.) We even have themed t-shirts made with for our Compliance team. 

Optima Health - We will introduce the Compliance Team and spotlight our newest team members. We will have fun games/activities during the week to raise overall compliance awareness. 

Peak Wellness CenterWe will be providing give-aways, information and generally raise awareness and create excitement over the organization's compliance efforts. 

University of Miami Health SystemThis year marks University of Miami UHealth System's 2nd year of participation in Compliance & Ethics week. We are raising awareness to faculty and staff of UHealth's Compliance Program by distributing compliance materials with information about the program, compliance products, snacks and photo booth. We are providing seminars on campus on the following topics: HIPAA Privacy & Data Security, Retaliation policies, Fraud Waste and Abuse, Anti-kickback and Stark Law. We are very excited to help increase compliance awareness throughout the institution. 

Healthcare Resource Group - We will have daily compliance related games, prizes and activities throughout the week, to bring additional awareness and reminders to staff. 

Inovalon, Inc. - The Corporate Compliance Team will have an Open House to introduce all members of the team. We will be providing an overview of the Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program and giving real examples of how our Compliance Program Plan aligns to these elements. Additionally Compliance Wheel of Fortune will be a lively game for associates to participate in. Trivia, scavenger hunt and other funs things to help associates celebrate the week. We'll name a few Compliance Champions too. We're all excited to celebrate this global event. 

Maury Regional Health - We are conducting an organization wide compliance awareness survey. This will allow us to gauge our employees' knowledge of healthcare compliance and where we may need to focus additional education. Results of the survey will be used as a benchmark for future annual awareness surveys. 

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island - We raise awareness through various communication channels. We set up compliance tables in our cafeteria at lunch time and distribute materials and compliance products. We hold a raffle to encourage associates to stop by our tables. We hold a "cake break" on one afternoon. We are looking for more ways to generate excitement and interest. 

JASA - Monday- Friday an email will be sent organization wide with a compliance question and the first 2-3 people to answer correctly will win a prize. 

CUHCC, UMNWe offer goodies and compliance gift/prizes to our staff. 

Envolve PeopleCare - We will be celebrating C & E Week campaigning "Make Good Choices Today So You Don't Have Regrets Tomorrow" focusing on interactive chat sessions, poster contests, quizzes and giveaways. 

Adirondack Health Institute (AHI) - We give out Compliance and Ethics Week products, play compliance related games/activities, do micro-learning, and other giveaways. 

Billtrust - We give one hour training's each day and will distribute products. 

New England Home Care, Inc. 

Matthews & Stephens Associates, Inc - Matthews & Stephens Associates understands the importance of compliance and ethics in healthcare and we look forward to promoting it with our employees. In celebration of National Corporate Compliance and Ethics week, we plan to educate our employees on healthcare compliance and ethics to better understand our clients. We will send emails and literature to our employees throughout the week based on the following topics: OIG, CIA, Stark Anti-Kickback, Risk Management, and Data Security. Additionally, there will be a special edition of The Talent Advisory featuring issues in healthcare compliance to share with our clients. Our company is also providing a healthy breakfast to our employees each day of the week, as well as having internal contests based around compliance and ethics topics. 

Reboot/ HIPAA-GuardHIPAA-Guard and Reboot hold weekly huddle talking about how we can do compliance better as company. We also put up $500 for the best idea on improving how we deliver this to our client. We have been taking part in this for 4 years. By getting our employees involved we have improve on how we keep our clients within best practice. 

EmpowerHISEmpowerHIS will be participating and celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics week! During Compliance week our company will be conducting a compliance training, compliance awareness, compliance tips, compliance discussions, and compliance games "What will you do?" We will also give out compliance products. EmpowerHIS is extremely proud to participate in National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week (November 5-11, 2017).  

Hackensack Meridian Health - 2017 will mark Hackensack Meridian Health's first year celebrating Compliance week as a newly merged entity! We will focus on awareness and personal accountability for Compliance, through fun quizzes, games, giveaways, helpful tips through our daily huddles, and the opportunity for the Compliance team and local leadership to team up for an event at each of our sites across the system. 

San Ysidro Health Center, Inc. - This is our second year participating--For 2016 we kicked off compliance awareness in September focusing on employee training in HIPAA and the False Claims Acts. Put up Corporate Compliance Week signs in all the employee break rooms. During Corporate Compliance week to have organization-wide participation, the compliance team dressed up in compliance T-shirts went out to all 13 clinics and to our Behavioral Health and HIV Programs played HIPAA/compliance games with staff, handed out variety of treats, and gift cards to employees who participated in HIPAA compliance questions. Created a Compliance Dept. News Letter identifying new policies, projects and trainings going on throughout the organization. Finally, at the end of the week we had an on line Compliance Department Scavenger Hunt the winning team/department won a free lunch. 

Neighborhood Medical Center, Inc. - This will be my organization's first year celebrating, so I will consult with my compliance committee to come up with some ideas. I plan to initiate a monthly newsletter with information to disseminate to employees to keep them abreast of updates and news of importance related to compliance and risk management. 

Virginia Commonwealth University - We host a Compliance Partner Open House where employees can meet face-to-face with compliance professionals from around the university, learn about available resources and pick up materials and awareness items. We include therapy dogs and kittens as a way for employees to destress and also offer a lunch as a way to say thank you for their dedication to ethics and compliance. Additionally, we hold screenings of (DIS)Honesty: The Truth About Lies, a documentary that explores how and why people lie. The film is anchored in behavioral experiments that measure our propensity to lie - sometimes even unknowingly. Afterward, we facilitate a discussion with attendees. Lastly, our annual Integrity & Compliance Education course is unveiled each year during Compliance and Ethics week. 

Hidalgo Medical ServicesWe'd like to add it to next years celebration to bring awareness and better educate our staff on compliance. 

Affinia Healthcare - Affinia Healthcare will focus on awareness. Each day employees will receive emails on compliance tips and activities. In order to have organization-wide participation, we will have crossword puzzles and word searches that all staff members can complete for prizes. The Corporate Compliance staff will conduct ice cream socials as a method of interacting and addressing any questions or concerns that employees may have during this week. 

North Sound Behavioral Health Organization - 1. We kicked off with Compliance Training at the All Staff meeting in October. 2. The Compliance Officer celebrated by connecting with each Staff Member individually and sharing a Provide-Protect-Prevent wristband. 3. We put up Compliance & Ethics Week Posters in the work place. 4. We put out Compliance and Ethics table brochures in all of our conference rooms. 5. We are concluding Compliance and Ethics week with HIPAA/Privacy Training on "Minimum Necessary". 

Senior Vision Services - We are conducting our company wide compliance training this week! To get our employees excited for Compliance Week, we are celebrating by handing out items that start with "C": Cokes, Coffee, Coasters, and having a Compliance Chili-Cook-Off! Our items also have a tag on them that has a compliance fun fact! 

OS, inc. - Our compliance committee has developed several activities for each day this week - all relating to compliance. Each building entrance had signs this morning welcoming the staff to Corporate Compliance Week and there are posters throughout the office on brightly colored paper. One of the more interactive events will be the Desk of Non-Compliance which contains mock PHI that staff members will need to identify. 

Parker Drilling Company - We are having fun and games in our corporate headquarters and messages to all employees globally. 

Hanger, Inc. - At Hanger, we're distributing a daily e-mail blast that contains a short compliance-related article surrounding the theme of "Make the Right Call". Included in that e-mail blast are a Compliance Tip of the Day, a four-panel compliance/ethics comic strip and a Compliance Question of the Day. Those who answer the question of the day correctly are entered into a daily drawing for one of four $25 gift cards. We'll also have a $100 gift card drawing on Friday for those who correctly answer all five questions of the day, and provide us feedback. Finally, any of our employees who are certified through the American Board in Orthotics & Prosthetics (ABC) earn 0.5 Business CEUs by participating daily in compliance week activities. We're excited about celebrating our first Compliance and Ethics Week! 

Wilmac Corporation - We made banners with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and are hanging Compliance week posters. We used our company newsletter to publish a quiz about Compliance that people can complete and enter for prizes, and we are doing a Thanksgiving themed food drive for employees or people our employees know who need some help with their Thanksgiving meal. 

Passageway Residence of Dade County - We are having a company wide compliance training! 

DaVita Labs - Each day this week we send out a trivia question for teammates to answer. We are also asking teammates to submit a video, essay, or other creative communication to answer the question: "What Compliance means to me and my role in the DaVita Village." Our compliance mascot will visit all departments this week to hand out compliance awareness materials and items. 

Delta Dental of Colorado - At Delta Dental of Colorado, we will have a Compliance Quiz on Monday, a Compliance Word Scramble on Wednesday, and ask people to recognize their peers for compliant and ethical behavior throughout the week. Each day we will have drawings for prizes that align with our compliance theme for the year, "Vote Yes on Compliance!" On Friday, we will hold a drawing for our grand prize. Employees receive one entry for each Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week activity in which they participated, one entry for recognizing their peers, and one entry each time they are recognized for ethical conduct. 

The City of Dallas - We will kickoff the week on Monday,11/7/16 with a Compliance and Ethics program, along with related games and activities in the lobby of Dallas City Hall. Each day during this week, the Compliance and Ethics staff will travel to various city facilities with activities to promote awareness of ethics and compliance among city employees. 

Wilmington Health - Each day this week the Compliance Officer will send out an email to the Organization addressing a different Compliance topic. The main topics covered will include; introducing our Compliance Team (Officer and Committee), HIPAA, Auditing, the False Claims Act and how to report suspectec violations via our Integrity Line. To encourage employee and provider engagement, the emails will feature daily trivia questions and games for a chance to enter a drawing for the daily giveaway. 

Symbius Medical - Each day during the week, we have compliance and ethics activities to complete. Winners are given prizes, and all participants are entered into drawings for additional prizes at the end of the week. Daily emails are also sent to all employees with compliance and ethics topics and tips. We celebrate with a treat to thank our employees for their participation. 

Contemporary Family Services, Inc. - In celebration of Corporate Compliance and Ethics week 2016, the staff of Contemporary Family Services, Inc. (CFS) will have a week of fun and informative activities.  The staff will receive compliance trivia and tips via email each day.   To emphasize the importance of ethics and compliance, CFS will host daily lunch and learns covering a variety of compliance topics, spanning from rule of Federal compliance to proper billing and documentation.  The end of the week will culminate with its Compliance Carnival, providing a fun and relaxed environment in which staff can review what they have learned throughout the week. 

Care to Care - At Care to Care we celebrate the Compliance and Ethics week with training that we make fun. Yes, we combine our annual training in HiPAA and FWA with the review of our Code of ethics and daily “get to know compliance” educational emails covering the major C&E topics, adding little quizzes at the end. Our leadership sends emails to the staff explaining how and why compliance is important on their field of expertise. We also have team games to bring our staff together (Knocking Down FWA- bowling, Target HIPAA -archery, Building Ethics- marshmallow spaghetti tower, and Aim for Security- darts). We like to culminate the week with our famous “Build Your Own Sundae” as a recognition for everybody’s participation and achievements. 

Harbor Medical - The Harbor Medical CEO will recognize the value of the Corporate Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee for their contributions to the ongoing success of the organization. Throughout the week, the CCO will offer educational lunch and learns to all employees. The Compliance Committee will visit all the departments and provide prizes to all who answer compliance questions correctly and place a heavy emphasis on HIPAA, security, code of conduct, and privacy. Provide. Protect. Prevent. 

SuperCare Health - How we celebrate: This is SuperCare Health’s second year celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. This year, SuperCare is again emailing trivia and pop quizzes that focus on the company’s standards of conduct and risk areas. To emphasize the importance of being compliant the Compliance department is providing examples of behavior that support our Compliance Motto: Right Thing…Right Time…All The Time!! Each department supervisor or director has the ability to “Tag” a Team Member with a Compliance Check sticker for exhibiting compliance, ethics and our company core values. SuperCare Health is also having a Selfie contest of Team Members showing compliance in their day to day job. 

MDabstract - We send an email to staff every day that week highlighting why compliance and ethics are so important, what our company policies are and the role they play in protecting our clients and their patients personal health information. 

Four Winds Saratoga - We will be distributing a Compliance Word Search and Newsletter as well as posting reminders about the importance of compliance on our TODAY page (intranet).

Treasure Coast Hospice - We will post SCCE/HCCA Inspirational posters and compliance related tent cards around the agency to inspire and have our employees think about compliance. Also we will post daily, the inspirational posters on our employee electronic newsletter. In addition we will have a Compliance scavenger hunt and award gift cards to employees with the correct answers via a raffle. Also, compliance staff will conduct walk arounds and ask policies and procedures questions to staff and award Awareness bracelets with the 2016 theme "Provide. Protect. Prevent" for correct answers and participation. 

DocuTAP - Each day during compliance week we will have a different activity in conjunction with compliance week. 

Residential Home Health and Hospice - We will have cookies and games at each of our office locations, as well as opportunities to win prizes in person and via email. 

Celtic Healthcare - We will have games and cookies at each of our office locations, as well as chances to win prizes both in person and via email. 

McBee Associates, Inc. - The firm holds a week long celebration and awareness building about compliance and ethics. We conduct our annual compliance training during the week along with daily trivia quizzes and shredder events in each office. Our training sessions include real life scenarios to make them interactive as well as informative sessions. There are inspiration and informative e-mail blasts sent out from our CEO and Compliance Officer. It is a fun way to thank our employees for doing what is right. 

American SpineWe will send compliance topics for discussion each day to all associates. We will encourage asking questions and communicate the importance of compliance in our every day operations. 

Lighthouse Guild - We send compliance quizzes to employees daily, a photo hunt, and word games. Those who answer correctly receive prizes. 

Shingletown Medical Center - Corporate Healthcare Compliance trivia contest with prizes. 

Partners Behavioral Health Management - A week long theme centered around compliance and ethics. This includes various interactive activities and educational information throughout the week to promote a positive culture where both compliance and ethics are embraced by all. - We celebrate with games and activities that highlight compliance awareness. 

FamilyCare Health - Daily Compliance & Ethics Week Quizzes and a Grand Prize Pun-Tastic Contest! The best compliance pun wins! Everyone really enjoys this week and energy it brings to Compliance Education. 

Bridgeway Health Solutions and Health Net Access! - The Bridgeway/HNA Compliance Department hosts a series of fun educational activities throughout the week, ending with all staff "thank you for putting compliance first event" at the end of the week! 

BioTelemetry, Inc. - A week of compliance and ethics centered communications, contests, prizes, company swag and food for all of our locations around the globe! 

California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) - CalPERS will host an all-staff speaking event on November 7, featuring a local celebrity who will speak about the importance of ethics at the organization and why doing the right thing is non-negotiable and critical to an organization's survival. Leading up to this event, the compliance division will be host several educational and fun mini-events to market November 7th. We also plan to release articles from our leadership to help market Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. 

The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics - We will start the week with a kick off breakfast to include Meet and Greet with the Compliance Committee. One member of the Committee will be present at each of our 55 locations over the course of the week. Daily compliance educational messages will be posted on the intranet, using the compliance week table tents. Staff, who respond will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. Poster contest, reflecting Compliance Week theme: Provide, Protect and Prevent. The winning poster will be placed as the header for Compliance on the Intranet for the year and the winning Care Center will be recognized on the intranet and in the Compliance Newsletter, as well as win a prize. 

Grady Healthsystem - We plan a week-long celebration that kicks off with a Meet and greet of our Compliance Department staff in the cafeteria with ice-cream giveaways, special goodies and compliance awareness handouts. Day 2 will consist of a hospital wide" Lunch & Learn" with a raffle for multiple products. Day 3-5 will consist of daily compliance messages via an email blast. 

Perrigo CompanyWe celebrate with giveaways, booths, activities, quizzes and prize drawings. 

Nexus Medical - Nexus is excited to participate in National Corporate Compliance & Ethics week. We plan to roll out a new and improved version of our Privacy & Security Awareness training in a live setting with our HIPAA Privacy Officer. This training will include a focus on ethics in healthcare and emphasize compliance with applicable national accreditation standards. Nexus will engage its staff with daily activities centered around the theme of Compliance & Ethics and provide recognition of staff members for their continued commitment to compliance continuity. 

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh - We visit all of our locations and hold round tables over lunch. We also send out word searches, crosswords or other interactive activities. In the past we have done "what's that acronym", "one of these things is not like the other" and Jeopardy. We raffle off gift baskets for participation including submission of questions to refresh our compliance Q&A. The HR newsletter in November will include a note from the Compliance Department. 

CNSI - CNSI delivers a broad portfolio of health information technology (HIT) solutions to a diverse base of Federal, State and local government agencies. Our National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week activities are centered around this year’s theme—provide, protect and prevent. We also added a day focused on our people. This year, CNSI is inviting managers to nominate team members who work hard to ensure a culture of compliance. These Compliance Champions will be recognized for completing all requirements, identifying compliance issues and demonstrating their commitment to CNSI’s ethical standards. In addition, we will send out a daily newsletter, which provides an inspirational quote, top-down messaging on the company’s Ethics and Corporate Compliance Program and important policy reminders. We are also hosting a few events, including a panel discussion with CNSI’s Cyber Security Team, a virtual scavenger hunt and a Compliance Champion luncheon—celebrating the efforts and contributions of those who make Compliance happen at CNSI. Lastly, we are requiring that all employees acknowledge and sign the latest version of the company's Ethics and Code of Business Conduct. We are proud to participate in National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, and our efforts serve as an extension of our ongoing commitment to doing business with honesty and integrity every day. 

ForeSight Medical, LLC - This is our first year to celebrate. Our theme for the week is "Protect Yourself." We are going to have employees complete various activities each day throughout the week to earn prizes. Employees will be invited to answer compliance and ethics related questions and be entered to win a drawing at the end of the week for a larger prize. 

Revenue Cycle Solutions - This will be our first year to celebrate. We will kick it off with daily compliance messages, signs/quotes posted through the office, compliance product giveaways and the roll out of our revamped values and compliance manual. 

CIOX Health, Payor Solutions 

CommUnityCare - Meet and greet at each health center location Quizzes, puzzles and scavenger hunts with prizes Compliance Newsletter Recognition rewards for reports made to Compliance. 

Harris Corporation - Daily email/website communications, giveaways such as mouse pads and badge cards promoting our values and ethics, and an on-line treasure hunt with prizes to more than a dozen employees - all to bring about awareness and promote an ethical culture.

Elektro Redes S.A. - We organize an Ethics Week, with daily reminders with recurring themes about the expected ethical conduct of the employees and with gifts conected to the themes and containing the Ethical Mailboxes of the company (email, telephone and website). 

Spectrum Medical Group - This is our 2nd year promoting this week. We received very positive reviews throughout the company last year. This year, we will be having games (with gift cards as prizes), each day is a theme, messages from senior management, "meet the compliance team", and more. 

Penobscot Community Health Care - We have celebrated for 2 years, this is our 3rd! We circulate email blasts, hold Q&A sessions at our sites (with goodies!); promote competitions between our clinical site locations for the highest participation numbers: award: Pizza Party! We order printed pens, grocery bags and fun fortune cookies with Compliance Tag Lines as well as our Hotline#. Fun week! 

Aerojet Rocketdyne - We have daily online games such as word searches, fill-in-the-blank quizzes and crossword puzzles (one variety per day). Each day a winner is chosen from all correct participating entries and receives a goody bag filled with Ethics & Compliance giveaways. In addition, each site holds an "open house" that includes refreshments and an activity. All activities (online and in person) bring an awareness of our Ethics & Compliance initiatives and highlights our corporate Values. 

Davis Street Primary Care Clinic - We have been conducting weekly in-service training on Thursdays since May 2015 -Will provide an annual refresher on HIPAA awareness and PHI confidentiality to celebrate the week -Will develop a one page do's and dont's to share and discuss and post at each worker's station and staff lounges -We have a toll free (800) hotline to call when there is insinuation or seemingly sign of misuse, misconduct or fraud 

Newaygo County Mental Health - We give our Corporate Compliance & Ethics weeks products, along with provide education through the week! 

Seniorlink, Inc. - Giveaways, daily messages, annual training requirement fulfillment and games. All leaders will display the HCCA/SCCE awareness week logo on their signature lines - the CEO message (a profound, thought provoking essay issued weekly) will be about the compliance program. The compliance team will be celebrated specially for their contributions and support for the organization. 

Alere Home Monitoring - We have a whole week dedicated to learning and training. From games and quizzes to a Scavenger Hunt. All with a focus on Compliance & Ethics. 

CDT G.M.S.P., Inc. - We will be celebrating with educational activity, which is compliance and reviewing our institutional ethics policy. Distinction will be made to the employee that meets the expectations of fulfillment in your work area. With some small gifts will promote compliance with messages. It will be held a special activity with department supervisors. 

GuideWell Source, First Coast Service Options & Novitas Solutions - Our annual celebration of Compliance and Ethics Week includes daily activities such as meet and greets with the compliance team, games, drawings for prizes, giveaways and daily communications. We also engage departments through contests such as developing a department specific compliance and ethics meme. 

Baylor Scott & White Health - At Baylor Scott & White, we combine our system-wide outreach of CC&E Week communications and online games with onsite activities at many of our hospitals and clinics. These onsite activities includes games, giveaways, an appearance by Scout—our Integrity Dog, as well as opportunities to share information regarding our compliance and privacy tools and resources. 

Healthicity - We'll be offering a free compliance webinar, writing special blog posts, and preparing new thought leadership papers. All written and produced by our very own compliance subject matter experts. 

Norfolk Southern - We have daily contests where employees have to incorporate our Code of Ethics, and policies and procedures. All of our activities focus on strengthening our employees' knowledge of working in an ethical culture. 

UNC Health Care SystemWe are going to do a big bang for one day across all our entities. We are still planning our give away items. 

Navitus Health Solutions - This will be our first time. 

Aspirus - We will be distributing giveaways and holding educational presentations throughout the week. Our compliance staff will be on site at our various locations within the organization and we're still working on some new ideas to implement this year and make it more memorable. 

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute - We give out compliance/privacy giveaways, hold special educational lectures throughout the week, and various compliance staff round through out various locations within the organization. 

MC-21 Corporation - MC-21 has been celebrating compliance week for a few years. Posters with inspirational quotes and compliance messages are distributed in the company. A speaker is also invited to provide a conference regarding HIPAA, PHI & Security themes. In addition, we select the employee that best represents Compliance Excellence and present him or her with an award. Is an exciting week at our company! 

GlobalHealth, Inc. - We celebrate Compliance Week big time. (1) Give compliance goody bags to all employees. (2) Games for prizes (including compliance crossword puzzles, word search, and trivia games). We also have "second chance" drawings to get people to participate. (3) Daily educational and promotional emails.. (4) Compliance Week Newsletter. (5) Department walk-throughs with giveaways to those who answer questions, display their compliance week wallet card or code of conduct book. . . and more! 

Alegis Care - Compliance Hand-Outs to Employees Redistribute Compliance Magnets / Ethics Magnets with Contact Numbers Host All Employee Compliance Lunch/Learn 

CompuNet Clinical Laboratories - Games tied to our compliance policies. Present one employee with the Compliane excellence award. Daily e-mails from senior leaders. 

Provider Network Solutions - First time this year and looking for ideas. 

Children's Hospital Los Angeles - We give out promotional materials, host lunches, play games, send communications and roll out large/new initiatives to employees. 

Constellation, Inc. - We will have quizzes, games, employee news network scavenger hunts - all for cash prizes - we will also give out one fun trinket to all employees as a reminder of compliance and ethics week! Many employees look forward to our annual week of fun reminders. This year, we are celebrating in September. Time to start planning! 

Geisinger Health Plan - We send daily e-mails that contain a link to a quick, 5 minute training presentation. To keep it fun and memorable, the presentations use comic characters and focus on 3 main points that we want to reinforce. Each day's presentation covers a different topic like HIPAA, Medicare, etc. We award daily prizes and a grand prize for participating each day. 

University Medical of Center of El Paso 

High Plains Community Health Center 

Oak Pensions Limited - 1. Competition between Departments 2. Rewording Individual for been knowledgeable in compliance 3. Compliance training program 

First Guarantee Pension - Had presentations, posters display, sent out inspirational quotes and had a quiz competition where we hand out gifts to winners during the Speak up. We're listening.

Jessie Trice Community Health Center, IncCreative compliance quiz and give-aways, educational newsletter, alerts, bulletins. 

Banglalink Digital Communications Limited - Primarily i am planning following activities: 1. Five compliance workshop for selected group of employees on FCPA/Anti-bribery and corruption. One each working day from sunday through thursday. 2. Arrange to display compliance banner on laptop and desktop backdrop for five working day. 3. I will shoot a flash message for disclosure of perceived conflict of interest. 

United Counseling Service - Posters, News Letter Articles, F2F informationals 

Community Healthcare Center

Maine Veterans' Homes - We run daily educational Compliance questions for the workforce to respond to. Random prize winners are drawn from each facility, from those employees who responded to the question. So much fun!! 

Delta Dental  - News articles and poster display

Verisk Analytics  - Post info; newsletter on website

Provider Network Solutions   - This is our first time celebrating Compliance Week. We are new to this. 

UCB Biopharma SA   - We have been celebrating the Compliance Week for the past years with conferences focusing on ethics, compliance and data privacy. We have organized case studies presentations. Finally, we have a daily information booth where we have quizzes and games around compliance. 

Senior Lifestyle Corporation   - We had a week long celebration providing compliance related training and education. Each day had a different compliance focus and embraced the theme- "Speak Up. We're listening." The grand finale of the week was introducing our new compliance newsletter. 

Delta Hospice of California, Inc.   - We have many activities planned to celebrate the week! Our focus this week is HIPAA compliance. We will have a Board of Directors Meeting and employee training to address HIPAA. We will also have "Lunch & Learn" activities, quizzes and prizes during the week. 

Hamilton Center, Inc.   - Over the last 3 weeks we have been sharing Compliance information at our Leadership Development Institute or LDI. This week, each office will receive one of the inspirational quotes as a challenge to incorporate into their day to day activities. At the end of the week they will let me know if they succeeded and how. 

Caris Healthcare   - Over the last 3 weeks we have been sharing Compliance information at our Leadership Development Institute or LDI. This week, each office will receive one of the inspirational quotes as a challenge to incorporate into their day to day activities. At the end of the week they will let me know if they succeeded and how. 

Satellite Healthcare, Inc.   - It is a week along celebration that each of our locations will be hosting at different times of the week. We're releasing a newly designed logo to represent our department. We're sending out "Catch Phrase" inspired games to all our centers to raise awareness about Compliance and Integrity. We will be rewarding an employee, nominated by their peers, with a Compliance Advocate of the Year 2015 award. And lastly, we'll be posting photos of each location's activities on our intranet to encourage the culture of compliance.  

AmSurg Corp.   - We send out inspirational quotes and posters each day and at the end we do a drawing for gift cards to the employees. 

Delta Hospice of California, Inc.   - We have many activities planned to celebrate the week! Our focus this week is HIPAA compliance. We will have a Board of Directors Meeting and employee training to address HIPAA. We will also have "Lunch & Learn" activities, quizzes and prizes during the week. 

Maine Veterans' Homes   - Each day this week one of the table top tent questions, from HCCA, was posted onto our Intranet. Each employee who responded was entered into a random prize drawing from each home. The prizes included pen lights, post-its, coffee mugs, ear buds all from HCCA with the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week logo. So much fun!!! 

Sequel Youth and Family Services, LLC  - We have fun educational activities designed for each day, Nov. 2-6, to celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. Staff can access these activities via our staff portal. Prizes will be awarded to those who meet the prize criteria. 

Fair Haven Community Health Center  - We've created a poster display in the Mailroom at our Main Campus and have circulated a quiz via electronic mail for all of the Health Center's staff and clinicians. Answers will be posted on our Intranet during the week of 11/09/15. By completing the quiz, participants' names will be entered into a raffle. Raffle prizes will be awarded at Fair Haven CHC's December 2015 All Staff Meeting, in conjunction with a presentation by the Compliance Officer, highlighting Compliance-related accomplishments during CY 2015. This is the first year that Fair Haven Community Health Center has participated in this event. 

HDJN  - This year we are celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week with a one week, 5-episode podcast we will be posting on our social media sites. It is a spirited dramatization of a billing compliance matter in a typical healthcare organization– acted out by HDJN’s own lawyers and staff. Each day of the week along with the daily podcast episode we will be posting a daily tip regarding compliance. Our podcast as well as compliance tips will be available on our website as well as Facebook and Twitter. Prior to Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week we will be tweeting and posting to Facebook photos of our podcast characters including a few hints about what to expect.   

CIOinspire  - We give out products, have lunches, contests, and decorate!  

Fallon Health  - We are launching our refresher training, we are doing a poster contest and a daily challenge. We have prizes for participation and for the first, second and third place winners of the poster contest. The daily challenge will include compliance games.  

Cal Laboratory Services  - We will be celebrating our compliance commitment and the attitude of doing the right thing when it comes to compliance.  

SuperCare Health - October and November are the months that SuperCare Health completes our annual training for Corporate Compliance, Fraud Waste Abuse and HIPAA. To celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics week, we are emailing trivia and pop quizzes that focus on the company’s standards of conduct and risk areas. To emphasize the importance of being compliant the Compliance department is providing examples of behavior that support our Compliance Motto: Right Thing…Right Time…All The Time!! SuperCare Health is also having a Selfie contest of Team Members showing compliance in their day to day job. 

Metrocare Services  - As part of our initiative to raise awareness of Compliance and continual promotion of a culture of compliance, Metrocare's Office of Compliance will be launching two contests during its FIRST annual recognition and celebration of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. We will be having a Metrocare Services Compliance Slogan contest, and issuing daily Compliance pop quizzes for Compliance week. Prizes will be awarded to the winner of the slogan contest and winner of each pop quiz. 

Community Health Group  - We celebrate during the entire week by conducting Compliance surveys, quizzes, puzzles, games and giving away several prizes! We send out compliance related e-mails and have posters all over the building to remind staff of the importance of being Compliant. We also have a couple of bulletin boards "Compliance Wall of Fame" where we post our staff "Compliance Selfies". 

Senior Whole Health  - Week long contests with prizes, Compliance Horror stories - real life and how we avoid them, Policies and Procedures and training on how our processes support us and mitigate the Horror stories risks. 

Sierra View Medical Center  - We are having a golden ticket game for prizes as well as other fun games! 

Services for the Underserved  - We have a kick off breakfast and a different theme each day with staff utilizing the agency intranet to respond to quizzes and skits .Staff receives prizes . Last day all programs do a compliance review with their staff sat day all program . All computers are programmed with compliance items when staff turn on their computers. 

Henry Ford Health System  - We highlight Compliance & Ethics Week by having a table set up in hospital cafeterias, highlighting our department - Business Integrity Services - and the services we offer. We give away posters for employee lounges, and desktop cell phone holders with our department name/logo and phone number at the tables. We highlight the importance of our compliance program, reminding employees about the types of issues we address related to the system Code of Conduct, where to find our website on the company intranet, and more info in articles in the daily (electronic) employee newsletter! 

San Ysidro Health Center - SYHC is a federally qualfied health center, this will be our first year celebrating compliance. We will promote awareness of our Corporate Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct and Core Values posted and distributed throughout the clinics and programs. We will hold training sessions, email out trivia questions and award prizes to staff, students and volunteers. Present our first "Compliance Hero" trophy. Post fun compliance, ethics and integrity material throughout the organization to promote awareness and to get the staff talking about "Doing the Right Thing". We will also post compliance reminders to our employees on our intranet. 

Baptist Health - We'll be raising education and awareness about compliance throughout all of our facilities.

LSU Healthcare Network - Compliance games and activities to educate the staff and get them excited about compliance.    

RadNet Managment, Inc.  - We utilize this opportunity to provide a platform for training - not only compliance and HIPAA, but also safety trainings. We post postings and EMAIL BLASTS (DAILY) - nationwide.   

Health Plan of San Joaquin    

UC Health  - We have tables set up at all three regions. We are playing games, including a Compliance Crossword, Photo Hunt, and Crack the Code (of Conduct.) We have a 2 minute video presentation given by our Chief Compliance Officer/Chief Audit Executive. We have ordered fun promotional products that include branding for our department, our company logo, and the national Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week logo. We have created two posters, one raising awareness to Ethics and Compliance, and another with pics of everyone in our department. One of our give-aways to grand prize winners are Bluetooth speakers to tie into the theme, "We're Listening"! Other give-aways include coasters, water bottles, pens, and note pads. We are excited!  

Medical Card System, Inc.  - We have week long activities, including trivias, a newsletter, a contest, e-drops and visit to all areas by the Compliance Staff who give out goodies and the Code of Conduct to the employees.  

Orange Regional Medical Center   - We celebrate Compliance & Ethics week every year at our hospitals and off site locations. Captain Integrity is our mascot and he rounds on all the departments to take pictures with the staff and hand out giveaways that aid in promoting all to, "Do the Right Thing". This year we'll engage our staff with Compliance puzzles and a do-it-yourself Captain Cartoon contest. The cartoon will then be distributed to all users for educational purposes. We give out pens, sticky pads, lanyards, badge holders and more..... We put together gift baskets of goodies and candy and deliver while rounding. This is all organized on posters and emails that go out ahead of time and we send daily reminders of the days activities. It's always great fun and every year we gather new ideas from the staff that we incorporate into our program!! It takes everyone to create and maintain our Culture of Compliance! 

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Inc - We celebrate with the help of Public Relations. This year we are planning several games and prizes which will provide an educational opportunity for compliance while incorporating our ICARE values. 

Multnomah County Mental Health and Addiction Services  - We are celebrating by having a compliance open house with food and informational materials. Our Director will also be sending a personal message to all staff about the importance of compliance with a link to the annual Fraud, Waste & Abuse training. 

Hometown Health Centers  - Hometown Health Centers, a federally qualified health center (FQHC) with centers in Schenectady and Amsterdam, NY, will have two pizza parties hosted by the CEO and Ethics and Compliance Officer; unveil the HIPAA Hippos Campaign starring Daisy, Tarzan, and Pickles; give out ethics and compliance themed items like lens cleaners and Hippo stress/squeeze toys with "HIPAA Hippo" on them; post flyers and posters; distribute free standing, laminated message tents to counters; and have an organization wide competition where departments compete against one another on ethics and compliance topics to win a bagel and cream cheese breakfast. 

Shepherd Center   - Compliance activities that educate and engage our staff complimented with compliance and ethics prizes and giveaways!!!! 

Christian Homes  - This is our second year, we will again start off early posting compliance, ethics and integrity sayings on brightly colored posters around the community to get the staff talking. We will offer daily activities, a compliance scavenger hunt and jeopardy game; a Good Egg competition where staff can nominate a coworker they belief leads their communities compliant culture, leading by example; top nominee in each community is presented with an award at all staff meeting last day of the celebration; and lunch and learns where scenarios are presented and the potential compliance issues and who to report them to are discussed. We will end the week by putting all staff members, whether they participated in the weekly activities or not, into a drawing to help drive home the point that every employee is personally responsible to contribute to our culture of compliance.  

Virginia Premier Health Plan, Inc.   - We will be posting daily reminders and tips to our employees through email, fliers and our intranet. We will also be distributing quizzes with various compliance-themed prizes.  

North Kansas City Hospital   - Marketing campaign including e-mails, elevator flyers and table tents. All employee pen and paper activity/ policy scavenger hunt with a jeans day for all participants (where department rules permit). Compliance and hospital logo prizes. 

Molina Healthcare of California   - We hold learning sessions, email out trivia questions and award prizes 

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital  - This is our first year celebrating, so we're still getting our feet wet. We are handing out labeled seed packets with our Compliance Logo and announcing our 2015-2016 Compliance Theme: Planting Seeds of Compliance. We will man a table a couple hours a day all week speaking to people about our Compliance Department, our 2015-2016 goals, and discussing our Code of Ethics! We are also doing a poster contest for employees and their children and voting will take place during Compliance Week. The winning poster will be displayed all year! 

Drew Memorial Hospital  - We will promote awareness of our Corporate Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct with related materials posted and distributed throughout the facility. We hope to engage our team through education and fun activities, such as trivia and giveaways. 

Trinity Health (Minot, ND)  - We will be sending out trivia questions starting first week of October leading up to Compliance & Ethics Week, prizes to be given out during that week. Will also be distributing Compliance related products to all our employees. 

Howard University Hospital - We are currently brainstorming ideas, and suggestions. 

Standards Home Health & Hospice - We give out compliance week products and send email blasts. 

Kalispell Regional Healthcare - We will promote compliance awareness with posters, email trivia games, table tents, post information on our web page, distribute information in our newsletter and give out prizes. 

Providence Hospital - We post daily compliance messages to our intranet page and distribute a compliance newsletter. 

Grady Healthsystem Our Compliance department will celebrate all week by developing puzzles/trivia games for giveaways i.e t-shirts, stationary, buttons, we will perform skits based on reported matters, distribute compliance posters via roundings in high risk areas and will promote awareness around the organization by concluding with a " lunch and learn"! 

Hanover HospitalWe send out email trivia questions and award prizes. We visit employees and hand out compliance products. We hang posters throughout our organization. We post the Compliance Week logo along with ethical quotes on our intranet and on screens throughout the organizations. We put compliance tents on the tables in the cafeteria. 

Foundation Health Services, Inc. - We provide education- lunch and learn sessions- and our regular "Compliance Shout Out!" reminders along with a little food and fun. 

Services for the Underserved - We celebrate the entire week with a different aspect of compliance each day. We have an official kickoff with the director and key members of the executive body at a breakfast where staff come & win door prizes for responding to compliance questions. We utilize our agency's intranet to get to approximately 1200 staff persons. When ever staff turn on their computer each morning we have a theme song we use for the week directing them to the activity of the day. Staff get an opportunity to participate in the various contests for various prizes from movie tickets. The board of directors are included in the message or focus each day. We have done amateur videos about the importance of compliance ranging from various scenarios to a Hardball interview. We also hand out compliance pens and other goodies on the last day to all of the programs and board members.

Springpoint Senior Living

Four Winds Saratoga - Post compliance reminders on our TODAY page. Distribute Compliance Newsletter.

Standards Home HealthWe post compliance week posters, provide compliance training, and give out compliance products.

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation - We have games, mini-training modules, and give out products. Recognize those departments who actively participate in compliance iniatives

MemorialCare Health System - We hand out Compliance Week swag, visit all of our hospital sites, host a "lunch and learn" send out a TIP of the day and will have a raffle for a grand prize of the week based on completing an activity.