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Video library: Healthcare compliance experts
Tim Timmons 2 videos 
Behavioral Health Compliance Tim Timmons
Daniel R. Levinson 5 videos 
Big Data in Compliance Daniel R. Levinson
Sean Casey 16 videos 
Board Oversight - Sean Casey, Jack Nichols, Victoria Herring, and Kim Otte
Juliann Tenney 4 videos 
Clinical Research Compliance Juliann Tenney
Robert H. Ossoff 5 videos 
Combating Stress and Burnout Robert H. Ossoff
Daniel Roach 14 videos 
Compliance Reporting Structures Daniel Roach
David Gebler 5 videos 
Compliance Culture - David Gebler
Lisa Rockelli  7 videos
Dealing with the Press Lisa Rockelli
Debi Hinson 7 videos 
Effective Compliance Training Debi Hinson
Steve Ortquist 5 videos 
Effectiveness and evaluation Steve Ortquist
Mark Beasley 3 videos 
Enterprise Risk Management Mark Beasley
Frank Ruelas 2 videos 
HCCAnet Frank Ruelas
Deann M. Baker  3 videos
Incentives and Compliance Deann M. Baker
Keith J. Halleland 8 videos 
Legal Advice and Privilege Keith J. Halleland
Kim Otte 6 videos 
The Difference Between Legal and Compliance - Kim Otte
Lori J. Strauss 4 videos
Onboarding and Staff Training - Lori J. Strauss
David Hoffman 7 videos 
Quality of Care David Hoffman
Jack Boese  6 videos
Qui tam Jack Boese
F. Lisa Murtha  5 videos
Research Compliance F. Lisa Murtha
Gabe Imperato 4 videos 
Responding to Enforcement Actions Gabe Imperato
John Falcetano 14 videos 
Risk Assessments John Falcetano and Cathy Boerner
Bret S. Bissey 4 videos 
Self-Disclosure Bret S. Bissey
Shawn Y. DeGroot 6 videos 
Social Media in Health Care Shawn Y. DeGroot
Robert Hussar  3 videos
Working with the Board Robert Hussar
Dan Roach 15 videos 
Successful Speaker
Dan Roach 13 videos 
Speaker Mistakes
David Childers video  5 videos
 Protecting Data - David Childers
Meric Bloch video  4 videos
 Internal Investigations Meric Bloch
Rebecca walker video  6 videos
 Assessing a Program Rebecca Walker
Carrie Penman video  3 videos
 Culture Assessment - Carrie Penman
Kathleen Edmond video  4 videos
 Social Media as an Aid - Kathleen Edmond
Donna Boehme video  6 videos
Board Engagement - Donna Boehme