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Washington DC | March 8, 2019

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A HIPAA Compliance and Enforcement Update from the HHS Office for Civil Rights

  • Recent HIPAA enforcement
  • Breach notification highlights
  • Technical assistance and education


Serena Mosley-Day, Acting Senior Advisor for HIPAA Compliance and Enforcement, Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights

Documentation and Coding Compliance – Things to Consider in Audits and Reviews

  • Internal reviews/centralized risk assessments and coding audits – pitfalls and opportunities
  • Coding and billing monitoring versus auditing and escalation procedures
  • Measures, metrics and trends


Cornelia Dorfschmid, Ph.D, MSIS, PMP, CHC, Executive Vice President, Strategic Management Services, LLC

Intoxicated Leadership

  • Discuss how the body perceives and responds to conflict, and how to overcome nerves when leading
  • Spot warning signs of employees becoming emotional (including yourself)
  • Illustrate an “Intoxicated” leader; discuss the disadvantages of creating a highly emotionally-charged workplace

Presentation is not available for distribution - Per Speakers Request

Benjamin T. Martin, Lieutenant of Training, Henrico County Division of Fire

Update on OIG Initiatives, Activities and Trends


Amanda Copsey, ACRB Senior Counsel, Office of the Inspector General, US Department of Health and Human Services

David Tawes, Regional Inspector General for Office of Evaluation, Department of Health & Human Services

Conducting Investigations Using the Dark Web

  • How the Internet works at a high level sense
  • How to search open source records related to domain names, IP addresses, and email addresses so we can find information like names, addresses, phone numbers, and more.
  • Brief look into the dark web, how it works, and ways to investigate safely.


Chad Los Schumacher, Ithreat Cyber Group

Innovative Approaches to Annual Compliance Training

  • Be Relatable: Evaluate your audience, targeting your training to encompass staff roles.
  • Be Focused: Key in on a few hot button areas versus trying to covering “everything.”
  • Be Persistent: Continue your messaging throughout the year.


Brenda K Manning, CHC, CHPC, Compliance Director, Privacy, Cailion Clinic