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12:00 PM Central | 1:00 PM Eastern | 11:00 AM Mountain | 10:00 AM Pacific | 9:00 AM Alaska | 8:00 AM Hawaii-Aleutian

Target Audience:  Compliance leadership and control functions

Main Points Covered:

When emerging from a crisis, what are the most vulnerable points in control functions, including compliance and internal audit, and how can they be mitigated?

How can we hold leaders, and each other, accountable in the face of market head-winds, where the commercial pressure to succeed is intense, while at the same time there might be organizational reluctance to proactively prioritize ethics and integrity, especially if seen as interfering with business goals?


  • How can compliance leaders affirmatively address anxiety and stress among the workforce, as to maintain a strong ‘speak-up’ mindset, and to assure employees that even in the face of uncertainty, reporting misconduct and asking questions when uncertain, remains a foundational part of corporate culture?
  • What are the elements of a compliance and control function ‘tool-kit’ that might require a ‘fresh’ look when emerging from a crisis, including communications, workshops, and the use of data?
  • Bringing in the three practitioners with extensive legal, investigatory, and commercial experience, this webinar is designed to assist those tasked with keeping their program strong and effective, where new business risks require a new way of thinking

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