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Target Audience:

Primary - Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance Managers, Chief Privacy Officers,

Secondary – General Counsels, Chief Information Security Officers (because all privacy laws contain data security requirements), Data Privacy Officers

Learning Objectives:

  • Definitions for personally identifiable information can vary from state to state and country to country. This webinar will help in identifying the most widely defined PII attributes.
  • Most privacy laws include a series of specific data-subject access rights. This webinar will discuss the most common privacy rights and the requirements companies have when responding to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs).
  • Most privacy laws are global in nature. We will explore what the global reach of these laws mean for companies in other jurisdictions.
  • The federal government has not yet passed a country-wide privacy law. We will talk about how a federal privacy law could affect the various state privacy laws and what that would mean for organizations.

Attendees will gain a level of up to date data privacy knowledge to enable them to work with other affected departments to ensure a compliant data privacy program


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