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Target Audience: General counsel and other in-house legal personnel, Chief compliance officers, compliance managers, and other compliance personnel, Outside counsel who advise companies conducting international business, Consultants, forensic accountants, and other third parties involved in compliance investigations and audits, Monitors, special compliance officers, and other independent third party compliance professionals, Internal audit personnel, Government regulators and enforcement officials


Learning Objectives:

  1. Overview of FCPA
  2. Key Compliance Challenges
    1. Identifying foreign officials
    2. Gifts, entertainment, and hospitality
    3. Third-party due diligence
    4. Books and records compliance
  3. Lessons from recent Enforcement Actions
    1. Significant penalties for third party action
    2. Questionable books and records activities
    3. Imposition of monitors
  4. Compliance Best Practices
    1. Training of third parties/vendors
    2. Robust internal controls

Regular compliance monitoring and reviews – Proactive Compliance