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Target Audience: Compliance, Audit, Legal, Risk, IT, Privacy

Learning Objectives:

Description: Employees who hoard e-mails and other e-documents create mountains of data and mountains of problems. Data hoarding exposes companies to risks related to privacy, security, eDiscovery, and more; and it saps productivity for those who cannot find the e-files they need. Common anti-hoarding measures can be too aggressive and may drive “underground archiving,” whereby employees save information in unsecured locations. This session provides case studies that identify ineffective strategies that are commonly used, as well as real-world Information Governance tactics and strategies that do incentivize employees and business units to change their behavior for the better.  


Topics include:

  • Why do employees hoard documents and why does this create risks?
  • Real-world strategies to prevent document hoarding.
  • Implementing behavior change management.
  • Case studies identifying strategies.