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Target Audience:

Mid-Senior Level

  • Compliance professionals
  • Corporate counsel
  • Human Resource leaders and practitioners
  • Diversity Officers and DEI committee members
  • Corporate communications professionals
  • Anyone who would benefit from learning more about integrating DEI into an organization’s culture

Learning Objectives:

Any organization can start a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program, but high-impact sustainable programs require collaboration across legal, compliance, and HR to thrive.  Hear from both sides of the equation and come away with a framework for starting a new program, assessing your organization’s existing efforts, and ideas to augment your efforts to achieve world-class results, even without a hefty budget.  During this session, we will provide an example how one company’s DEI journey resulted in transforming organizational culture.  The presenters will  walk through five steps to:

  1. Get woke and learn about DEI, your compliance duties, and the sentiments of your labor pool.
  2. Set a solid foundation for legal and regulatory compliance around DEI using the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSG), enterprise risk management (ERM), and compliance risk management.
  3. Build and communicate a compelling DEI story and structure that resonates with employees and drives organizational change.   
  4. Stack flashy employee engagement activities atop compliant DEI policies to transform DEI from a “must do” to an “essential way of life”.
  5. Consistently measure results, assess gaps, and refine actions to get incrementally better over time.