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False Claims in Healthcare

Do you know your FCA risks?

Want to better understand the False Claims Act and how it applies to your healthcare organization’s coding practices, investigation response, overpayment response, and more?

False Claims in Healthcare is an essential guidebook to the False Claims Act and how it applies to healthcare compliance issues. It examines various aspects of the False Claims Act and qui tam actions, enforcement actions, common FCA issues, and state false claims laws; and also contains insights and strategies for compliance professionals looking to protect their organizations and build effective compliance programs.

You’ll learn more about:
  • History of the False Claims Act and qui tam actions
  • The role of compliance officers and programs in the fight against fraud
  • Unique issues in FCA investigations
  • How the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute are FCA risks
  • Common and cutting-edge FCA issues
  • Government investigations
  • Medicare and Medicaid overpayment 60-day report and return statute
  • State false claims acts and related statutes

False Claims in Healthcare was written by lawyers from or associated with Hooper, Lundy, & Bookman, PC, a law firm that specializes in healthcare law and is dedicated solely to the representation of healthcare providers and suppliers.

Lloyd Bookman 
Founding Partner, Los Angeles
Matthew Lahana
Associate, San Diego 
Katrina A. Pagonis
Partner, San Francisco 

Paul L. Garcia
Associate, Los Angeles

Joseph LaMagna
Partner, Boston/San Diego
Robert L. Roth
Managing Partner, Washington, D.C.
Bridget Gordon
Partner, Los Angeles
Sansan Lin
Associate, Los Angeles
David Schumacher
Managing Partner, Boston
Patric Hooper
Founding Partner, Los Angeles
Alicia Macklin
Partner, Los Angeles
Stanton Stock
Partner, San Diego
Amy Joseph
Partner, Boston
Brett Moodie
Corporate Counsel for Legal Affairs,
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Catherine S. Wicker
Associate, San Diego
Jordan Kearney
Partner, San Francisco
Charles B. Oppenheim
Partner, Los Angeles

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