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HR: a valuable contributor to establishing, maintaining and monitoring an Ethical Corporate Culture

First Run: May 6, 2020

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Target Audience:   Board of Director’s, Chief Executive Officer’s, Chief Financial Officer’s, Chief Compliance Officer’s, Human Resource Director’s, Internal Auditor Director’s, Ethics Director’s, Audit Committee Member’s, In-house Counsel, Public Accountant’s
Main points covered:
• Why is it necessary and what is the value, to an organization (Public, Private, Non-profit) to establish a robust “Tone at the Top”,e.g.
• Who in an organization is responsible for the formulation, guidance and maintenance of “Tone at the Top”?  
• What are the tools that can be used to effectively establish and maintain “Tone at the Top”?
• How can and what tools can an organization utilize to monitor the effectiveness of their “Tone at the Top”?   
Speaker: Jeffrey M. Tilton, Certified Fraud Examiner, JMT Consulting Solutions LLC