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2022 Roy Snell Health Care Regulatory and Compliance Writing Competition

Health Care Compliance Association is proud to announce the sponsorship of Mitchell Hamline School of Law's 3rd annual Roy Snell Health Care Regulatory and Compliance Writing Competition.

The competition will run from February 1st to March 18th, 2022. All students who register will be emailed the Competition Problem after the registration deadline. They will have six weeks to read it, and then write and submit their memorandum and PowerPoint submissions. The competition will have three winners who will be graded anonymously by our panel of judges, and the top three winners will receive a monetary prize for their work. 

About the Competition 

In keeping with Roy Snell’s keen interest in practical, realistic, and user-centered communication, as well as a commitment to efficiency and clarity in writing, this demanding competition requires students to analyze a hypothetical fact pattern (the Competition Problem) involving an organization facing multifaceted health care regulatory/compliance matters and draft two separate internal memoranda to two different recipients within the organization. This competition recognizes law students for innovative, strategic, and sound approaches to tackling complex contemporary health care regulatory and compliance issues.

Students must analyze the facts presented in the Competition Problem, identify any and all regulatory/compliance concerns, and advise the recipient of the memorandum. While these two internal memoranda address the same hypothetical situation and subject matter, they are to be drafted with a specific audience/reader in mind. Content must be customized to a particular audience/reader to optimize understanding, engagement, and responsiveness.

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Congratulations the the 2022 winners!

1. Danielle Giaccio – University of Houston Law Center

2. Jennifer Davis – Wayne State University Law School

3. Abigail Higgins – Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Details on the winner's and their submissions Learn more