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1. Write for our publications

Learn more about writing submissions

2. Speak at our educational opportunities

Learn more about HCCA speaking opportunities

3. Refer your colleagues to us

  • Forward emails about our events, including national conferences, regionals, Academies, and webinars.
  • Tell your friends about the events you’ve attended and suggest they come along next time.
  • Bring your teammates and colleagues to the next event with you or share what you’ve learned with them.

4. Share content online

  • On your personal news feed on LinkedIn
  • On LinkedIn groups dedicated to compliance, including the HCCA group
  • On your personal Facebook feed
  • On Facebook pages dedicated to compliance, including the HCCA’s page
  • On your Twitter feed
  • On other social media sites, such as Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

5. Certification

  • Become Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC)®, Certified in Healthcare Research Compliance (CHRC)®, or Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC®).
  • Link your certified status on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Link your certified status in your email signature.
  • Display your certificate in your office or home.

6. Conference activities

  • Participate in networking events.
  • Participate in the fitness challenge.
  • Join the volunteer activity.

7. Socializing and support

  • Offer support for the people who work within the field.
  • Connect with new members online via sites like LinkedIn to welcome them to the profession and the organization.
  • Stay in touch with people you meet at the conferences and Academies.
  • Answer questions and share documents on SCCE&HCCAnet, our social network site.

8. Provide feedback and reviews

  • Review books and materials published by the HCCA on, and other review-based websites.
  • Provide feedback on the HCCA conference sessions you attend, both to evaluate the speakers and the session topic or content.
  • Answer the surveys put out the by the HCCA.

9. Foster vendor relationships

  • Exhibiting/sponsorships at conferences
  • Advertise in Compliance Today Magazine, Compliance Weekly News, on HCCAnet, or on our website

10. Volunteer for a leadership role

HCCA leadership is cultivated from people who are active members of the association who spend a great deal of time writing, speaking, mentoring, networking with their peers, blogging and so forth. If you want to run for SCCE& HCCA board of directors or assume a more active leadership role, be sure to follow the engagement suggestions above.  Board Nominations occur annually, July 1-31. Learn More