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Renew Certification

Attaining a certification is a verification of broad based knowledge in the discipline being tested at that point in time. Therefore, certification renewal is required every two years. Attendance at HCCA events or renewing your HCCA membership is not the same as renewing your CCB certification.

Keep Track of Your Renewal Date
Earn & Submit the Required CEUs
Submit Renewal Fee

It is your responsibility to keep track of your renewal date. Be sure to submit the CEUs and renewal fee prior to your certification expiration — which is every two years from the month you originally passed the certification examination.

You may receive courtesy reminders from CCB certification staff; however, failure to receive these reminders does not constitute a right to petition CCB’s Board of Directors for an extension.

As a CCB certification holder, you have a one month grace period beyond your renewal date. To earn and submit CEUs if you need additional time, you may extend the period by one or two months by completing the Renewal Extension Request form and paying the monthly extension fee.

If you need to use the grace or extension periods, you should note that your next renewal period will be fewer than 24 months. Within this reduced time, you will still be required to accumulate 40 CCB CEUs.

As a certification holder, you must earn AND submit 40 CCB CEUs within your renewal/extension period in order to renew your certification. CEUs must:

  • Include a minimum of 20 CEUs earned from “live” trainings or events, which include face-to-face events or real-time web conferences; and
  • Be earned within the two-year renewal period preceding the date of certification renewal.

CCB accepts relevant CEUs from any organization or event sponsor as long as the education is compliance related. Certification holders are not required to attend SCCE or HCCA events to accrue CCB CEUs. Content submitted for CCB CEUs must meet at least one of the 10 subject areas identified by CCB as relevant to compliance.

CEUs used to qualify for the initial certification cannot be used to qualify for renewal. You will need to obtain 40 CCB CEUs after passing the examination and becoming a certification holder.

How to Earn CEUs | How to Add CEUs to My Account

Once CCB has documentation of your 40 CCB CEUs, submit the certification renewal fee to complete the renewal process. Please refer to the fee schedule for current pricing. 

Pay Certification Renewal Fee Online

You will receive an updated Digital Badge within 5-7 business days. The certification is valid for another two years.

If the 40 CEU requirement is met and documented by CCB, but payment for the renewal fee has not yet been submitted by your renewal date, your certification will become inactive. However, you will have until your next renewal date (two years) to submit payment to “activate” your certification. Please note that CCB will not be able to verify credentials if your certification is “inactive.” After two years, retesting will be your only option to regain the certification and you will not receive renewal reminders.

Need More Time?

As a CCB certification holder, you have a one month grace period beyond your renewal date to earn and submit CEUs. If you need additional time, you may extend the period by one and/ or two months by filing for a renewal extension request.

Failure to renew certification

If you fail to renew your certification, you are no longer considered certified and may not use the credential in professional communications such as on letterhead, stationary, business cards, in directory listings, or in your signature.