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Become Certified

Give yourself an advantage when interacting with other professionals in the industry. The rigorous standards and professional conduct required for certification demonstrate a diligent effort on the part of the compliance practitioner, and verifies broad-based knowledge in the discipline being tested.

  • Enhance your credibility within your organization, among peers, and strengthen the credibility of the compliance programs you develop, implement, and maintain within your organization.
  • Arm you with the broad-based knowledge necessary to perform compliance functions.
  • Help establish professional standards and status for compliance professionals.

Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements and who successfully pass the examination attain the two-year designation. This is an actively-held certification in which maintenance within an individual’s renewal period is required in order to be eligible for renewal beyond this initial two-year renewal period. 

HCCA members and non-members alike can become certified. An HCCA membership is not necessary to attain, maintain, or renew a certification.

Please refer to fee schedule for details.

Gain Work Experience
Earn & Submit CEUs
Apply to Take Exam
Schedule Your Exam
Take Exam

In order to apply to sit for a CCB examination, you must gain the necessary work experience. You must be a Compliance Professional.

Being a Compliance Professional means (All must apply):

  • You have at least one year in a full-time compliance position or 1,500 hours of direct compliance job duties earned in the two years preceding your application date; and
  • Your job duties directly relate to the tasks reflected in the “Detailed Content Outline” on pages 22-24 of the Candidate Handbook.

Students who have successfully completed a certificate program from a CCB-accredited university within the last two years are exempt from the work experience requirement, and can apply to sit for a CCB certification examination, provided the examination is taken within 12 months of successfully completing the CCB-accredited university program. Please see a list of approved university programs.

You must complete the “Work Experience” requirement section of the Examination Application, and indicate you do meet the Compliance Professional work requirement. CCB staff is unable to determine this for you.

You must earn and submit 20 CCB approved continuing education units (CEUs) to apply to sit for a CCB examination. CEUs must:

  • Include a minimum of 10 earned from “live” trainings or events, which include face-to-face training events or real-time web conferences; and
  • Be earned within the 12-month period preceding the date of the examination.

How to Earn CEUs | How to Add CEUs to your Account

Once you have satisfied candidacy requirements, complete and submit the Examination Application and the appropriate testing fee. There are two formats to choose from when applying for the examination

If you are taking the examination as a Computer Based Test (CBT) through PSI, you can complete the Examination Application online or you can use the paper form found on pages 33–38 of the Candidate Handbook.

If you are taking the Paper and Pencil examination offered at an HCCA event, you can complete the Examination Application online or you can use the event specific Examination Application by clicking on the “Become Certified” tab on the left side of this page.

Only complete and legible Examination Applications will be accepted. Be sure to include documentation of 20 CCB CEUs, if not already on file with CCB, and include the Examination Application fee.

Apply To Take The Exam

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an examination eligibility confirmation from CCB which includes your eligibility end date.

You will receive a confirmation email, which includes an examination date, start time, and reporting instructions. These arrangements take into account any religious or government-recognized holidays for a particular country or location.

Locate PSI Testing Centers

International examination appointments are coordinated through email at Contact information, preferred testing location, and requested test dates are required to begin the scheduling process.

Examination day has arrived!  You will have two hours to complete the 120-question examination.  Only 100 questions will be scored. The examination is only given in English.

More Exam Information