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Fill out an online application (below) to join HCCA. Save with a student or group membership, join as an individual, or become a corporate sponsor. Join today and immediately begin to enjoy the magazine and discounts on products and conferences.

Want to fax or email your membership application in? Fill out this membership application form and send it to us.

Membership Refunds/Cancellations/Transfers: We do not offer refunds for our membership fees. If applicable you may transfer your membership to another member of your organization at no charge. A transferred membership will use the remainder of the original membership term.

Memberships are owned by the individual on the account, even if the member leaves an organization or if the membership was paid for by that organization. If an employer loses membership due to a departing employee, that organization can obtain a six-month membership free of charge for an individual who does not currently have a membership. The six-month membership will not be added to an existing membership that an individual already holds.