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Join HCCA, a Compliance Community

Why join Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)? You may already have a strong compliance program in place, but changing regulatory requirements, enforcement standards, and resources dictate constant updates. Membership in HCCA will help you maintain the highest standards in ethics and compliance.

  • Receive timely and accurate information through a weekly online newsletter, monthly magazine, and up-to-the-minute website.
  • Join a thriving online compliance community and participate in discussions focused on specialties and general issues.
  • Attend conferences (at discounted rates), where you will learn from experts in the field and network with healthcare compliance professionals.

As a member of HCCA, you promote a culture that says, “Let’s do it right!” You and your staff will exceed minimum standards and make positive contributions to the Compliance profession, achieving the goal of a total compliance spirit.

Benefits as a Member

Compliance Today

Each month you will receive the magazine, available both in print and as an app. In each issue you’ll find invaluable information for compliance professionals. Plus, you’ll enjoy full access to the magazine’s archives. Your name and employer’s name will also be published on the "New Members" page in the magazine to showcase your commitment to the profession.

HCCA's Compliance Weekly News (CWN)

You will automatically be subscribed to CWN, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

Interactive Salary Survey

Enjoy an interactive, searchable version of the salary survey. 

HCCA Conferences

Discounts on all web conferences, regional, academy, and national conferences.

HCCA Products

Discounts on all products (books, training videos, and apparel).


You’ll automatically become a member of the official Social Network of HCCA. Get your questions answered and share your insight with over 10,000 compliance and ethics professionals.