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Creating Great Compliance Training In a Digital World

Engage your audience

Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World will help you understand how to “sell compliance” to your workforce and make the compliance message matter.

You’ll learn proven strategies and tactics, such as:
  • How to focus on what the law means, not what it says
  • Why you should think like a lawyer, but talk like a human
  • The art of persuasion versus providing information
  • How to master the practical aspects of course creation
  • Finding ways to measure and manage your training’s impact
This book contains resource guides on:

Selling Compliance; Training Across the Generations: Reaching Millennials; Six Things I Wish I Had Known about Compliance Training When I Started; and How Cisco Improved its Training by Listening to Our Audience.

Kirsten Liston, CCEP, has been creating comprehensive compliance and ethics solutions for complex, global companies since 2000. She is passionate about creating programs and products that genuinely reach employees and change cultures. As Founder and Principal at Rethink Compliance, she and her team create compelling content to support stronger, more effective compliance programs. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Carleton College, a certified compliance and ethics professional, and a highly-engaging speaker. Her articles have been published in Compliance and Ethics, CEP Magazine, Compliance Week, and Directors and Boards.

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To learn more about this book, Kirsten Liston explains how the book is organized and her focus on providing practical advice on how to communicate effectively and from the perspective of the learner on the Compliance  Perspectives Podcast with Adam Turteltaub

Kirsten Liston on Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World