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The HCCA HIPAA Training Handbook , Third Edition

The HCCA HIPAA Training Handbook


Get the essential, basic knowledge you need

The need to understand basic regulations that protect the privacy and security of patients' personal health information (PHI) has never been greater.  With HIPAA, HITECH, GINA, and the Final Omnibus Rule, the rules continue to be strengthened. 

This third edition of The HCCA HIPAA Training Handbook offers nurses, physicians, admins and others who have access to PHI and e-PHI the essential, basic knowledge they need to follow the latest privacy and security regulations. 

Coverage includes: 
  • Who must comply?
  • What counts as PHI and e-PHI?
  • For which purposes is it ok to access or disclose PHI?
  • What does "minimum necessary" mean and where does it apply?
  • What rights does an individual have toward his or her own PHI?
  • Which safeguards are needed to keep e-PHI secure?
  • How and when do privacy and security rules apply to business associates?
  • What happens if PHI is impermissibly accessed or disclosed?
  • Who is at risk for penalties and when do they apply?