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Minneapolis, Minn. ---August 22, 2019---Although it may sound harsh, odds are your organization’s compliance program is boring your employees. But it doesn’t have to. The newest book release from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association (SCCE & HCCA) can help you energize your training program.

In Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World, by Kirsten Liston, compliance meets content marketing, journalism, and advertising. You’ll learn how to “sell compliance” to your workforce in an engaging way through proven strategies and tactics.

This book is a must-read for compliance professionals at all levels. It covers five key principles behind great compliance training:
  • Focus on what the law means, not what the law says
  • Think like a lawyer, talk like a human
  • Aim for persuasion, not just information
  • Master the nuts and bolts
  • Measure and manage your impact
Preview the book and order now.

About the author
Kirsten Liston, CCEP, has been creating comprehensive compliance and ethics solutions for complex, global companies since 2000. She is passionate about creating programs and products that genuinely reach employees and change cultures. As Founder and Principal at Rethink Compliance, she and her team create compelling content to support stronger, more effective compliance programs. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Carleton College, a certified compliance and ethics professional, and a highly-engaging speaker. Her articles have been published in Compliance & Ethics, Compliance & Ethics Professional, Compliance Week, and Directors and Boards.