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Handouts - 2018 - Regional - Louisville

Louisville Regional Conference
Friday, November 2, 2018
Louisville, KY

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Helpful Hints on the Top Things Every Privacy Officer Needs to Know But Won’t Encounter Every Day

Marti Arvin, VP of Audit Strategy, Cynergis Tek

  • Dealing with release of information in unique circumstances, minors, law enforcement, etc.
  • Business associate agreements
  • Marketing, fundraising, and research
  • Photos, phones, and privacy

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Pharmaceutical Diversion and Doctor Shopping

Ben Shirley, Office of Inspector General, Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices

  • Identify when communication with a practitioner is not deemed privileged
  • Overview of KASPER as it relates to protecting the practice and criminal investigation
  • Circumstances when a HIPAA covered entity can disclose PHI to law enforcement
  • Proper procedures and requirements for reporting cases of diversion

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)


Documentation Integrity in the Electronic Record

Rosalind Cordini, VP / Chief Compliance Officer, Owensboro Health

  • Understanding the fraud and abuse concerns associated with documentation in the EHR
  • Identifying ways to use the documentation aides available in the EHR system in a manner to minimize fraud and abuse concerns
  • Learn the approach used by one organization to address documentation integrity in the EHR

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)


Vendor Compliance Oversight

Andre Smith, CCEP, CHC, CHPC, CCSFP, Director, Compliance Office of the General Auditor and Corporate Compliance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  • Recognize the value of vendor compliance oversight for your organization
  • Understand the importance of a streamlined and standardized process for onboarding, risk profiling, and ongoing monitoring
  • Identify ways to manage continual vendor monitoring and oversight

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Implementing and Operating an Effective Physician Arrangements Compliance Program

Steven W. Ortquist, JD, CHC-F, Senior Managing Director, Ankura

  • What Do Stark and AKS Require?
  • What Causes Organizations Physician Arrangements Problems?
  • How to Implement and Operate an Effective Arrangements Compliance Program

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Telehealth is Hot… Don’t Get Burned

Rob Sprang, MBA, Director, Kentucky Telehealth, University of Kentucky, UK HealthCare

  • Why healthcare providers and systems are using telehealth
  • The potential for telehealth to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare expenses
  • The state/federal legal and regulatory challenges and the concerns of compliance professionals

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)