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Compliance Today Articles and Quizzes

A list of Compliance Today magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below. Compliance Today is published monthly by the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

To gain CEUs for your CCB certification, read the articles and take the corresponding CEU quiz. Quizzes are considered non-live CEUs. Individuals can only have 10 non-live CEUs count toward a CCB certification, and 20 non-live CEUs for certification renewal.

Individuals must first login to their free, password-protected account in order to take the quizzes online. 

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New Department Of Justice Guidance On Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs | Thomas E. Herrmann

Reviewing And Monitoring Healthcare Real Estate Arrangements With Referral Sources | Timothy M. Riley, Goran Musinovic, and Gregory P. Gheen

Risks With The Breach Risk Assessment | Yvonne M. Wolters​​​​​​​

AUGUST 2019 

Outpatient Therapy: Myths And Risks | Nancy J. Beckley

The Shifting Federal Analysis of Referral Relationships In Healthcare| Stacy Harper

Human Trafficking: Compliance Considerations For Healthcare Professionals | Meagan Parker and Jay Swacker

JULY 2019 

Collecting Information To Ensure Patient Safety Work Product Protections | Paul E. Dwyer and Clint D. Watts

Using A Backbone And Denials Management Solution | Stewart M. Presser and Bryan Exner

Telemedicine: Understanding The FDA's Role In Recent Regulatory And Enforcement Actions | Serra J. Schlanger and Rachael E. Hunt

JUNE 2019 

Proactive Clinical Research Revenue Cycle ComplianceM.A. Hall, Erika Stevens, and Mary Veazie

An Introduction To Information Blocking| Joshua D. Mast

With Every New Year, a New Lookback Period For Medicare Claims Audits| Raja Sékaran

MAY 2019 

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Preparedness and Response: A Compliance Perspective Ann McCullough, Tracey L. Klein and Kathleen Snow Sutton

Credentialing and Privileging Requirements For Federally Qualified Heath Centers | Robyn Hoffmann

Securing The Safety New: Compliance Issues in Federally Qualified Health Centers| Todd A. Nova, T. James Junger, and Lauren M. Harris

APRIL 2019 

QAPI and Compliance: Addressing the Government's Nursing Home Care Concerns | David R. Hoffman

EKRA Compliance: Questions and Implications Raised By New Federal Law | Reesa N. Benkoff and Dustin T. Wachler

Post-Acute Providers: Key Risk Areas and How to Minimize Them | Jackie C. Baratian, Ankith Kamaraju, and Wade P. Miller

MARCH 2019 

Telemedicine: A Review of the Fraud and Abuse Landscape | Douglas Grimm and Hillary Stemple

Conducting a High Value Capture Assessment | Jennifer Stout and Don Billingsly

Performance Auditing and Compliance Functions | Tina Rolling and Tom Ealey



The basics of 42 CFR Part 2 following the 2017 and 2018 revisions | Richard Chapman and Litany Webster

Providers and the opioid crisis: Compliance officers need to be aware | Cornelia M. Dorfschmid and Alexis Rose

Policy governance bolsters the culture of compliance | Kelly Lange



Controlling mobile devices in an academic medical center: Unique challenges Marti Arvin

New CMS rule revisions affecting your inpatient rehabilitation facility | Danielle C. Gordet

Physician compensation arrangements: Robust reviews are a must Tynan O. Kugler and Susan Thomas



Compliance risk areas to consider for 2019 Cornelia M. Dorfschmid and Catie Heindel

The diverse faces of telemedicine delivery and reimbursement John P. Benson

Creating a culture of compliance Edye T. Edens



False Claims Act enforcement: Evolving policies from the DOJ | Gabriel L. Imperato

Auditing compliance with CMS provider-based rules | Ilah R. Naudasher and Claire Turcotte

Comparing risks: Physician employment and clinical integration | Ellis “Mac” Knight

Monitoring as an opportunity to build partnerships | Andrea Seykora and Melinda Allie


Probe samples for healthcare audits, self-disclosure, and CIAs Chris Haney and Chip Hancock

Effective auditing and monitoring for your compliance program Marti Arvin

Compliance considerations in the organization and operation of Federally Qualified Health Centers Jared Brooner 

SAMHSA: New substance use disorder disclosure requirements Hannah E. Grantham and Tenny Soleymani


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