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November 2022

Behavioral health compliance through deterrence  │ Andrew Schulke and Crane Pomerantz

Assuring compliance with federal governance requirements for FQHC boards │ Robyn Hoffman

Genetic testing: What Medicare will and will not cover │ Lynn Asher


October 2022

Confidentiality and substance use treatment records: What compliance and privacy personnel need to know | William Goldman and Barbara J. Vimont

ADA compliance for healthcare facilities and services | Kristin Ahr and James Fetter

Client-centric compliance: Applying customer service skills to drive effectiveness | Jennifer Mason


September 2022

Risk assessments: Why, what, when, how | Christopher Tonellato and Sarah Couture

False Claims Act cases: A cautionary tale in transactional diligence | William J. Spratt Jr. and Noam Fischman

Clinical trial fraud: Mitigating risk with a compliance program framework | Danielle M. Santiago


August 2022

Oversight Considerations for Ethical Artificial Intelligence | Nakis Urfi, Shawn E. Marchese, and Dr. Keith Grimes

Observing the Regulatory Nuances of Observation Services | Ronald Hirsch

 Physician Coding and Billing Risks | C.J. Wolf


July 2022

Clearing the COVID-19 Surgical Backlog: Compliance Implications of Overlapping Surgeries Sara brinkmann, Lauren Slive Gennett, and Isabella wood

Guide to a Compliance Gap Assessment | Alisa Lewis

The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away: Government Enforcement and Electronic Health Records | Scott R. Grubman


June 2022

When Healthcare and Consumer Data Rules Collide: Compliance with the Latest Generation of Data Privacy Laws | Alex Dworkowitz, Brandon Reilly, and Randi Seigel

Incorporating Research Compliance into Healthcare Privacy and Security Risk Management Programs | Emmelyn Kim and Hamangi Patel 

Risk Management Plans: A Chain of Compliance ResponsibilityCalvin London


May 2022

Patient Information Access Automated with the Cures Act  | Kelly McLendon

Data Governance: Unlocking Data to Advance Research while Safeguarding Human Subjects | Mark J. Fox, Thora A. Johnson, and Deborah A Marko Koeberer

Who Gives a Shot: An Overview of the CMS Vaccination MandateJ. Cara N. Ludwig, Phillip G. Mullinnix, and Konnor Owens Marlar


April 2022

Reimagining Conflicts of Interest Approaches: Turning Risk into Reward Jonathan Turner and Julie Cole

Chasing the Goal: How do you Know if your Compliance Program is Truly Effective? | Debbie Troklus and Sarah M. Couture 

Perspectives on Privacy: Information for Compliance Professionals | Pamela S. Hrubey, Candice M. Moschell, and Shameka N. Smith


March 2022

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act and the Future of Healthcare Transparency: Part 2 | Mary Kate McDevitt and Marc S. Raspanti

Ironically, No Surprises Act Catches Providers and Facilities off Guard | Emily Cook and Jamie B. Gelfman

Business Associates and their Agreements: Almost Twenty Years Later, and We're still Messing this Up Barry S. Herrin


February 2022

Leveraging CIAs as a compliance tool: Analyzing trends to identify and mitigate compliance risks for post-acute care providers | Susan Freed, Nicole Krueger, and Margo Wilkinson Smith

The evolving landscape of medical necessity in healthcare compliance | Stacy C. Gerber Ward

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act and the future of healthcare transparency: Part 1 | Mary Kate McDevitt and Marc S. Raspanti


January 2022

Leveraging CIAs and IAs as a Compliance Tool: Analyzing Trends to Identify and Mitigate Compliance Risks for Practitioners | Samantha L. Groden, Stephanie Murtagh, and Janice Ziegler

Improve Member Experience with Real-Time Benefit Tools and Drug Price Transparency | Michael S. Adelberg and Jeffrey A. Lewis

How to Sail through a Difficult Conversation J. Veronica Xu


December 2021

Ready, Set, Go - for 2022 Stark Group Practice Compliance!  Lester J. Perling and Hannah L. Cross

Leveraging CIAs as a Compliance Tool: Analyzing Trends to Identify and Mitigate Hospital Compliance Risks | Samantha Groden, Talia Linneman, and Rebecca Merrill

The Differences and Similarities between American and Italian Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Laws: Part 2 | Pamela Coyle Brecht, Paola Sangiovanni, and Marc Raspanti



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