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Compliance Today Articles and Quizzes

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A list of Compliance Today magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below, with direct links to the full text on COSMOS.

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June 2021

Navigating Healthcare Compliance in a New WorldGabriel L. Imperato and Ariel J. Cavazos

The 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: Remote Services and Diagnostic Testing Supervision Changes | Daniel F. Shay

Compliance and the Board: Challenges and Best PracticesBrian D. Annulis, Sarah M. Couture, and Kayla M. Teune


May 2021

The Top Healthcare FCA Developments of 2020 | Michael E. Shaheen, Matthew P. Vicinanzo and Payal Nanavati 

Social Determinants of Health | Lynn Asher

From Hassle to Habit: Tips for Exclusion Screening and MonitoringJ. Veronica Xu


April 2021

Root cause analysis and corrective action plans | Cornelia M. Dorfschmid

Mother, may I? Obtaining consent in pediatric clinical trials | Tara R. Krieg

Speaker programs highlighted in new HHS OIG Special Fraud Alert | Stacy Pritt and Meredith Noto


March 2021

Value-based arrangements between hospitals and physicians: New pathways for innovation | Amy Joseph, Stephanie Gross, and Jeffrey Lin

Telemedicine after COVID-19: What happened and what's next? | Christopher C. Eades, James Junger, and Angela M. Deneweth

Provider Relief Fund: What does an audit mean to me? | Venson Wallin


February 2021

Highly anticipated Stark, Anti-Kickback, and civil monetary penalties rules finalized Hannah Cross, Jamie Gelfman, and Timothy Wombles

Remote working: How to work and manage | Stephanie Sebastian

Pivotal role of compliance education and training in skilled nursing facilities | April Bernabe


January 2021 

Healthcare compliance investigations during a global pandemic | Alyssa Lawrence and Hannah Kent

Ten compliance concerns related to information blocking | Josh Mast and Cheri Whalen

Emerging ERM lessons from COVID-19: Considerations for compliance officers and managers of risk | Sarah Couture and Jeffrey Driver


December 2020

Trust the Numbers: Risk-based work prioritization for compliance programs  Chris A. Gideon and Jessica A. Luna

Challenges of maintaining compliant provider arrangements during and after a public health emergency William J. Spratt, Jr., and Danielle C. Gordet, 

Compliance for medical facilities in the age of COVID-19 | Donn Herring


November 2020 

The role of compliance in government enforcement | David Ogden and Ericka Aiken

Emergency Preparedness: Medicare and Medicaid Provider and Supplier Requirements | Michael Kotch and Jan Elezian

HIPAA at home: Remote workers and the Security Rule | Nick Weil


October 2020

OCR’s COVID-19 regulatory relief: Changing how we deliver care | Jessica Quinn and Vladimir Edmondson

Is your hotline ‘hot’? Approaches to improving and promoting your compliance hotline,” | J. Veronica Xu

Taking the risk our of risk adjustment: Managing exposure for ACOs | Andrea D. Kelly and Heidi Lopez

September 2020

The impact of the final ONC and CMS interoperability rules on health information | Michaela Andrawis, Lyra Correa, and Miriam Ricanne Swedlow

How to project manage a successful risk adjustment data validation audit | Ahmed Salim and Palak Desai

Open lines of communication in a skilled nursing facility | April Bernabe


August 2020

Helping organizations achieve compliance in the wake of the coronavirus | Kimberly Gillespie and Henry C. Fader

Compliance program (and officer) effectiveness in a time of crisis | Matthew D. Vogelien

The Provider Relief Fund: Welcome relief or compliance minefield? | Andrew B. Wachler and Stephen J. Shaver


July 2020

Compliance with the new COVID-19 business assistance loans Gabriel Imperato and Romain Balard

New compliance threat - Data breach class action lawsuits | James Houston

Compliance for integrated provider-payers Randi E. Seigel and Christopher J. Rundell 


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