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2018 Compliance Institute Session Recordings

Pre-conference morning sessions

P1: Large Hospital Systems

P2: Compliance Program Start Up: What Are the Basics Needed for Your Infrastructure?

P3: Hey, Therapy Provider! The Government and Private Insurers Have Therapy in Focus—Do You?

P4: Designing an Effective Privacy Program

P5: Physician and APP Coding Workshop

P6: False Claims Act Developments

P7: Not recorded

P8: Top IT and Cyber Risks to Include in Your Audit Plan

P9: Try Your Luck: Solve a Complex Compliance Case Study

P10: Why In The World Is the Compliance Officer Asking about Quality?

P11: Due Diligence for Acquisition and Partnerships

P12: Navigating Therapy Compliance Requirements Across the Continuum of Care

P13: Laboratory Compliance: Maintaining Compliance in an Uncertain and Changing Environment

P14: Managed Care Organizations and Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness: Review the Tools Used by Hospitals, Health Plans and Providers to Measure Effectiveness and See How They Work!

Pre-conference afternoon sessions

P15: Tactics for Maintaining Expected Levels of Performance in an Increasingly Complex Regulatory Environment

P16: Conflict of Interest 2.0: Beyond Data Collection

P17: Post-Acute Compliance Officers: How Do You Prepare for Constant Change and the Unknown of the Regulatory Environment

P18: What Do Carnegie Hall and Good Security Incident Response Plans Have In Common: To Get There You Must Practice, Practice, Practice!

P19: Benchmarking and Coding Outlier Workshop

P20: Anatomy of a False Claims Act Case: Investigation, Litigation, Negotiation, Resolution

P21: 340B Compliance Monitoring Utilizing Data Analytics

P22: Three Keys to Rock Your Auditing and Monitoring Plan

P23: Collaboration between Compliance, Internal Audit and Coding Operations

P24: Three Blind Mice: Achieve a Shared Vision for Compliance, Risk, and Quality

P25: Significant Regulatory Changes and OMHA Initiatives Impacting the Medicare Appeals Process

P26: The Ups and Downs of DME

P27: Issues in Academic Medical Compliance: Bridging the Great Divide

P28: What’s New and Exciting in Research Compliance: Exploring New Laws, Regulations and Government Guidance

100 sessions

101: Healthcare Fraud Enforcement From The Trenches: The Top Government Enforcement Priorities in the Healthcare Space

102: Strategies for Managing Conflict of Interests in the World of Innovation

103: 60-Day Overpayment Rule: What Does Due Diligence Really Mean?

104: HIPAA Update: Policy and Enforcement

105: QPP Year Two: Clinical Practice Guidelines and Improving Quality of Care

106: Self-Disclosures: Report, Repayment, and the Options

107: You Know that They Say.…Curiosity Killed the Cat! Best Practices & Tips on How to Implement a Proactive Breach Detection Plan

108: Managing Organizational Risk: The Mighty Triad of Compliance, Internal Audit, and Risk Management

109: IT for the Non-IT Compliance Professional

110: How to Successfully Integrate A New Healthcare Entity into Your Compliance Program

111: 4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend You Take Marketing Compliance Seriously

112: Compliance Trends and Challenges for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatment Provider

200 sessions

201: Reinventing the Internal Investigation: Practical Strategies for Ensuring a Yates-Informed Process

202: What Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Effective Compliance Education

203: Pills, Providers and Problems: How to Investigate Drug Diversion in Long-Term Care

204: Insider Threats: Healthcare Privacy & Security

205: Hospice Physician Compensation: Top Trends and Compliance Concerns for Providers

206: OIG Developments 2018

207: Welcome to the Alphabet Soup of OIG, MACs, UPICs and RACs

208: High Value Charge Capture and Revenue Integrity Assessments

209: Intoxicated Leadership: How to Avoid Leading Under the Influence of Your Emotions

210: Could It Happen to You? Lessons from Today’s Headline Cases

211: Maybe You Can’t Go to Europe, But that Does Not Mean It Won’t Come to You: The GDPR Implications For U.S. Healthcare Providers

212: DMEPOS Audit Trends: What to Expect and How to Respond

300 sessions

301: Telemedicine: Regulatory Compliance Concerns in a Rapidly Changing Environment

302: Special Issues for Global Compliance Officers

303: New RoPs: The Role of the Board and Compliance in the Facility Assessment Process and Risk of Non-Compliance

304: The Revised Substance Use Disorder Privacy Regulations of 42 C.F.R. Part 2

305: Why Managing Physician Contracts Is Like a Game of Whack-A-Mole and How to Position Your Health System to Win

306: Kickback and Stark Law Developments

307: CMS Surveys: What Can We Learn?

308: Transforming Clinical Care Through the Use of Nursing Documentation Audits

309: Leveraging Employee Survey Data to Measure Awareness and Effectiveness of Your Program

310: Current Compliance Guidance and Scrutiny by HHS OIG and DOJ

311: One Happy Family: How to Integrate New Entities and Joint Ventures

312: Back from the Brink: Transforming a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program on the Heels of a Self-Report

400 sessions

401: Hot Topics in Retail Pharmacy Compliance

402: How Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Work Plans Set the Foundation for Successful Compliance Programs

403: New RoPs: Survey Trends, Implementation Challenges and Upcoming Compliance Requirements

404: Data Protection, Privacy and Security Issues in the Health Care Industry: What Are the State Enforcers Looking At?

405: Physicians and Compliance: Are They Oil and Water?

406: Effective Internal Investigations of Compliance Matters: Best Practices and Preservation of Privilege

407: Best Practice: A Partnership Approach to a More Powerful Coding Compliance Program

408: 340B Program Outlook: An Auditor’s Toolkit for 2018 and Beyond

409: Compliance Today, Effectiveness Tomorrow: the Necessary Actions to Achieve Success

410: Betting on Your Provider-Based Status?

411: CMS Playbook: What’s New and What’s Next in 2018

500 sessions

501 :  Escobar and the New Compliance Cartel

502 :  Operationalizing Compliance with the New Nondiscrimination Requirements of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act

503 :  Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh My! Walking through the Dark Forest of the Compliance Knowns and Unknowns in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures in Post-Acute Care

504 :  BAM! A Sound You Want to Hear When Working with Your Business Associates

505 :  A Roadmap for Medical Staff Corrective Action: How to Avoid the Many Pitfalls

506 :  Telemedicine and Digital Health: Compliance Hot Topics for 2018 and Beyond

507 :  MYSSION: Monitoring Your Short Stays and Observation Nights

508 :  Leveraging Internal Audit & Forensics in Your Compliance Program

509 :  Preparing for a Job Search

510 :  MACRA: Not Just for Providers

511 :  Compliance Design in a World of New Models

512 :  Out of the Shadows: Behavioral Health Compliance and Legal Issues for Every Provider

600 sessions

601: Dealing with Legalized Medical Marijuana: The Dilemma Created by Conflicting Federal and State Laws

602: Medicare Managed Care Compliance Standards for FDRs: Is Your Organization’s Compliance Program Adequate?

603: Compliance and Risk Management: A Marriage Made in LTC Regulatory Heaven

604: Unforeseen Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

605: The Dx on HCC: How Medicare Advantage Plans and ACOs Create New Compliance Risk for Physicians

606: Real World Repayment Dilemmas: DRG Validation v. Clinical Validation v. Quality Measures v. Government Audit Findings

607: An Ounce of Prevention: Adding Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises to Your Compliance Toolkit

608: Identifying, Assessing and Auditing IT Risks in Health

609: How to Change the Perception of Compliance from Obstacle to Business Partner 

610: Managing Ethical Issues in FCA and Other Enforcement Actions

611: Are You Ready to Weather the Storm: Aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

612: Key Issues an AMC Privacy Officer Should Know

700 sessions

701: Current State, HRSA Audit Enhancements and What the Future Holds

702: Not recorded

703: How to Conduct a Compliance Risk Assessment

704: Encryption Is Not Enough

705: When Physicians Work with Non-Physician Practitioners: Compliance Risks of Collaborative Practices

706: Ask the Stark Law Professionals: Q&A Session

707: Physician Arrangement Auditing 101

708: Intersection of Internal Audit and Compliance

709: David & Goliath: Compliance Investigations in the Era of Social Media

710: Coding & Documentation Compliance Risks: Hints & Tips for the Compliance Professional

711: CIA Success Story: Settlement, Implementation, Effectiveness

712: Barriers to Sharing Health Information in Behavioral Health

Post conference early sessions

w1: Corporate Integrity Agreement Developments, Understanding the Government’s Expectations

w2: Compliance Program Game Changers

w3: How to Develop a "Speak-up” Compliance Culture

w4: Not recorded

w5: Documentation and Reimbursement Workshop

w6: Compliance, Self-Disclosure and Managing the Risk

w7: Payer Issues, Denials and Process for Clinical Trials: How to Audit for Lost Revenue!

w8: Collaboration: Are You Increasing or Decreasing Your Risk?

w9: Internal Investigations: What’s in Your Organization’s Toolkit?

w10: Top Hot Quality and Compliance Areas to Partner and Mitigate Risk

w11: Using Technology to Leverage Your Compliance Program

Post conference late sessions

w12: Ensuring Your Vendors Comply with Your Compliance Requirements/Plan

w13: Medical Device Replacements: Compliance Insights for Device Warranty Credits and No Charge Devices

w14: Practical Considerations for Managing Compliance, Legal and Operational Risk with Joint Venture Relationships

w15: The Doctor Will Skype You Now? A Compliance Officer’s Roadmap for Telemedicine

w16: Physician Arrangement Bootcamp

w17: Managed Care Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance

w18: Provider-Based Status Update: How Recent Changes Impact Off-Campus Outpatient Departments’ Compliance, Payment, and Transactions

w19: Auditing Identity & Access Management: Addressing the Root Causes

w20: Happily Ever After Requires Work: Effective Training for Ongoing Employee Engagement

w21: Full Speed Ahead on Drug Diversion Control Efforts: Enforcement Trends, Investigations, and Prevention

w22: The Road Ahead