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Metrics for Compliance Program Effectiveness

James Rose Managing Director SunHawk Consulting LLC

• DOJ’s guidance from April 2019 on the evaluation of compliance programs should factor into your metrics
• Measuring outcomes not just activities is key to regulatory expectations
• Perfection is not the expectation – Authentic measurement and reasonable mitigation builds regulatory trust


Helpful Hints on the Top Things Every Privacy Officer Needs to Know But Won’t Encounter Every Day

Marti Arvin VP of Audit Strategy Cynergis Tek

• Dealing with release of information in unique circumstances, minors, law enforcement, etc.
• Business associate agreements • Marketing, fundraising, and research
• Photos, phones, and privacy


Behavioral Health Integration: The Road to Success: Building and Sustaining an Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care Model

Charise Frazier Attorney Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C.

Successful integration requires more than increasing the availability of behavioral health services. This presentation will explore legal challenges and solutions on the road to success of integrating behavioral health and primary care including:

• Types of integrated Models
• Regulatory Issues
• Practical Takeaways


Drug Diversion: Enforcement Trends and Provider Best Practices

Lisa M. Martin Chief Compliance Officer Indiana University Health

Josh Minkler Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of Indiana
Andrew Ratcliff DEA
Kimberly Sharp BSN, RN-BC, CHTP Director Pain Management Community Health Network

• Current DOJ Initiatives to combat Drug Diversion
• How federal, state, and local agencies coordinate in diversion investigation and enforcement
• Best practices for providers before and during a diversion investigation

No Presentation Available

Doing Quality Improvement: Beyond Auditing and Monitoring

John R. Baumann, Ph.D Associate Vice President for Research Compliance, Indiana University

• Discuss how institutions are developing quality improvement programs based in part on the analysis of auditing and monitoring findings
• Review how audit and monitoring findings can be integrated into a program of quality improvement
• Explore how to develop quality improvement programs based on audit and monitoring findings


Whistleblower Case Study

Katea M. Ravega Partner Quarles & Brady LLP Edwin J. Broecker Partner Quarles & Brady LLP

• Role of whistleblowers in context of fraud waste and abuse laws
• Requirements and policies (no retaliation, etc.)
• Walk through reported decisions involving whistleblowers