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Exhibitor and/or Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

As a condition of being an Exhibitor and/or Sponsor at Health Care Compliance Association’s Compliance event, all Exhibitors and/or Sponsors agree to the following Exhibitor & Sponsor Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). By submitting a booth space or sponsorship application, Exhibitors and Sponsors agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, and any other rules and regulations set forth for the Conference, including any special requirements that are imposed by the facility at which the Conference will be held (“Facility”). Exhibitor and/or Sponsor agrees and understands that these Terms and Conditions are contractual in nature, and become part of the binding and legally enforceable agreement between the Exhibitor/Sponsor and SCCE & HCCA relating to Exhibitor’s/Sponsors attendance and exhibiting activities at the Conference. 

1. Eligibility to Exhibit. 

The conference hosts a professional exhibit hall dedicated to compliance and ethics. Exhibitor’s products and services must be relevant to the compliance profession. Exhibitor must be in good financial standing with SCCE & HCCA. SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company, product or service, and the right to cancel or terminate this Agreement and/or restrict, prohibit or evict any Exhibitor or product at any time, if, in the opinion of SCCE and HCCA, the company/Exhibitor, product, or service detracts from the character of the hall, disparages SCCE and HCCA (or its services or products), violates any of the following Terms and Conditions, or is otherwise harmful to SCCE and HCCA (or its services or products) or the Hall in SCCE and HCCA’s sole discretion. In the event of such cancellation by SCCE and HCCA prior to the move-in date of the Expo, SCCE and HCCA will refund the total fee for the booth space (also referred to herein as “Exhibit Fee”). In the event of cancellation, restriction, prohibition, or eviction by SCCE and HCCA on or after the move-in date of the Show, SCCE and HCCA is not liable for refunding the Exhibit Fee or any other costs incurred by the Exhibitor. In particular, and without limitation, excessive audio/ visual attention-getting devices or effects and offensive odors are prohibited. No copyrighted, recorded, or live music may be played or performed in connection with the exhibit.

2. Payment, Cancellation, and Refunds.

  • Payment Terms. Booth rental and sponsorship balance must be paid in full upon submission of exhibit and/or sponsor application and within 15 days upon receiving the invoice. Failure to make payment does not relieve the obligation to pay the contracted amount. SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to reject an application or deny benefits and privileges for failure to make timely payment. 
  • Conference Cancellation Policy. The parties agree that if the Conference is cancelled in whole or in part, or its scheduled opening is cancelled or delayed, due to fire, explosion, strike, freight embargo, act of God, act of public enemy, act of war, war, act of terrorism, civil disturbance, act of any government, de jute or de facto, or governmental declaration or regulation, epidemic or other event over which SCCE & HCCA has no control, then the Exhibitor/Sponsor contract may be immediately amended or cancelled by SCCE & HCCA. The Exhibitor/Sponsor will be liable for contracted balances only for services rendered up to the point in time of cancellation. SCCE & HCCA agree to negotiate in good faith toward a partial refund or credit. Exhibitor/Sponsor hereby waives any and all claims against SCCE & HCCA for damages, reimbursement, refunds, or compensation.
  • Cancellation or Reduction of Booth by SCCE & HCCA. An Exhibitor’s failure to submit payment in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable invoice from SCCE & HCCA may result in the cancellation of the assigned space, in SCCE & HCCA's sole discretion. In addition, SCCE & HCCA has the right to cancel, reduce, or redistribute allocated booth space upon reasonable cause or due to events that make performance impossible. In the event of such an occurrence, SCCE & HCCA will provide written notification to any affected Exhibitor/Sponsor and agrees to negotiate in good faith toward refund or reduction of the exhibit or sponsorship fee. If any part of the exhibit area is damaged, or the Exhibitor is not permitted to occupy its assigned space, the Exhibitor will be charged only for space that was actually occupied. SCCE & HCCA is released from any and all claims for damages that may arise in conjunction cancellation or reduction of an Exhibitor’s booth pursuant to this provision. 
  • Cancellation or Reduction of Booth by Exhibitor/Sponsor. In the event of cancellation or reduction of booth space by Exhibitor/Sponsor, the Exhibitor/Sponsor and their agents are liable for 100% of the contracted balance.  

3. Space Assignment. 

All dimensions and locations shown on the official floor plan are believed, but not warranted, to be accurate. SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to make such modifications as may be necessary to meet the needs of the Exhibitors and Sponsors and the exhibit program. 

The first opportunity to reserve booth space for the Institute is at the previous year's Institute. This on-site selection is based on the SCCE & HCCA Priority Point System. 
Space assignments for the Institute are based on a priority point system using the following criteria: 

  • One (1) point per 10’x10’ space at the previous year's Institute. 
  • Five (5) points for participation as a Platinum Sponsor of the previous year's Institute. 
  • Four (4) points for participation as a Gold Sponsor of the previous year's Institute. 
  • Three (3) points for participation as a Silver Sponsor of the previous year's Institute. 
  • Three (3) points per Platinum Sponsorship of a national SCCE & HCCA conference from previous year. 
  • Two (2) points per Gold Sponsorship of a national SCCE & HCCA conference from previous year. 
  • One (1) point per Silver Sponsorship of a national SCCE & HCCA conference from previous year. 
  • One (1) point per table top space at a national SCCE & HCCA conference from previous year. 
  • One (1) point per sponsorship or exhibit for each set of 3 regional conferences from previous year. 
  • Date SCCE & HCCA receives exhibitor application (tie-breaker). 

A priority point list is created for each year’s space assignments in descending order from highest point total. The Exhibitor with the highest point total will select space first, followed by the consecutive Exhibitors in descending point total order. The order of selection will be based on the accrued priority points. The Exhibitor with the highest number of acquired points will choose booth space first and so on. Each Exhibitor has a maximum of 5 minutes to select booth space from a live floor plan. Exhibitors must be ready to select their booth when the Exhibitor name is called or the Exhibitor will be passed. Prior to leaving on-site booth selection, Exhibitor’s designated representative will receive a confirmation letter with Exhibitor’s booth number. If an Exhibitor misses this scheduled selection time, they will be accommodated as the booth selection schedule allows at the end of the scheduled time slot they arrive in. 

  • After on-site space selection, booth space reservations will be open to the public and space will be assigned on a first‑come, first‑served basis by the date the booth space contract is received. If an Exhibitor’s first selection of space has already been assigned, SCCE & HCCA will allocate the next-best available space. Upon receipt of contract and deposit, space assignment(s) will be sent within five to seven business days. If the exhibit hall space is sold out, notification will be made immediately by phone and the organization applying to exhibit is placed on a waiting list. SCCE & HCCA assumes that the exhibit space assignment is accepted unless SCCE & HCCA receives a written denial within 7 days of notification. Assignments made within 30 days of the start of the conference are assumed to be final at the time that they are made. Date of notification is the date SCCE & HCCA emails the notification. SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to modify the floor plan or move the Exhibitor’s booth location to accommodate floor plan configuration or traffic flow.

4. Exhibitor Use of Space.

Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of their allotted space. In addition, Exhibitors may not advertise or display products or services other than those manufactured or sold in their regular business. Exhibitor and/or Sponsor company descriptions in the on-site conference guide will be limited to one company name and identity listing. The distribution of samples, souvenirs, publications, etc., or other sales or sales promotion activities must be conducted by Exhibitor only from within its space. The distribution of any article that interferes with the activities or obstructs access to neighboring booths, or that impedes aisles, is prohibited. This includes placement of display racks, banners, brochures or other items outside of the designated space rented by the Exhibitor, as well as the offering of food or beverages. 

5. Exhibitor and Sponsor Code of Conduct. 

All Exhibitors and Sponsors agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct, and agree to SCCE & HCCA’s right to take immediate action to restrict or evict Exhibitor/Sponsor and/or its personnel from the Conference in the event of Code of Conduct violations. In the event of such eviction or restriction, Exhibitor will forfeit all moneys paid for the Conference, and may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions on attending future SCCE & HCCA conferences. 

  • The Exhibitor/Sponsor and its personnel shall conduct and operate its exhibit so as not to annoy, endanger or interfere with the rights of other Exhibitors, conference attendees, and visitors or SCCE & HCCA staff. 
  • SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to prohibit any exhibit and/or Exhibitor/Sponsor that, in its sole discretion and judgment, is inappropriate, offensive, or may detract from the general character of the Conference. 
  • SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to remove, without compensation, any exhibit and/or Exhibitor/Sponsor that, in SCCE & HCCA’s sole discretion and judgment, is inappropriate, offensive, or may detract from the general character of the Conference. 
  • SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to require the removal of any Exhibitor/Sponsor personnel who engage in behavior which, in the sole discretion of SCCE & HCCA, is determined to be objectionable to other Exhibitors, conference attendees, visitors and/or SCCE & HCCA staff. 
  • Any demonstrations or activity that may result in obstruction of aisles or that prevent ready access to nearby Exhibitors’ booths shall be prohibited. 
  • The audio level of any playback equipment, audio, video and/or demonstrations must be at a level so as not to disturb or be heard by adjacent Exhibitors and their patrons. SCCE & HCCA reserves the right to restrict exhibits to a minimum noise levels. 

6. Exhibitor/Sponsor-hosted functions.

Only Exhibitors and Sponsors may host functions at the Conference. Functions may not be scheduled at times that conflict with conference sessions or receptions. 

7. Installation and Dismantling of Exhibit.

Installation must take place during the times provided by SCCE & HCCA unless SCCE & HCCA has previously provided written approval for installation at other times. Space not occupied by the start of the conference returns to SCCE & HCCA for discretionary use. Dismantling begins at the conference’s close and must be completed by the time indicated. Exhibitors dismantling prior to conference close will lose all points accumulated in the previous twelve months. Note: The Exhibitor assumes all financial responsibility for installation and dismantling of the exhibit. 

8. Booth Construction and Usage. 

  • In-Line Booth. An in-line booth is one or more standard 10’ x 10’ units arranged in a straight line. In-line booths have only one side exposed to an aisle. The maximum height of 8’ is allowed on the back wall and the rear half of the booth space, with a 4’ height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle. The maximum back wall height limitation of 8’ includes signs, company name, logo, or product information. Regardless of the number of in-line booths used (e.g., 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’, etc.) display materials should be arranged so they do not obstruct sight lines of neighboring Exhibitors. Each in‑line booth will have an 8’-high draped back wall and 3’-high draped dividers defining the sides of the space. The backside of an in-line booth must not be visible and must not be used for storage. 
  • Corner Booth. A corner booth is a linear booth at the end of a series of in-line booths with exposure to intersecting aisles on two sides. All other guidelines for linear booths apply. 
  • Island Booth. An island booth is any size booth exposed to aisles on all foursides. All other guidelines for linear booths apply. An island booth is typically 20 feet by 20 feet. 
  • Use of Space. The entire cubic content of the space may be used up to the maximum allowable height, which is usually a range of 16 feet to 20 feet (4.88 meters to 6.10 meters), including signage. 


9. Registration and Housing

Registration information will be available on the SCCE & HCCA website. Exhibitors are encouraged to book their hotel rooms through the SCCE & HCCA’s room block at the Conference venue. 

10. Meeting rooms. 

To request meeting room space at the Conference, please contact SCCE & HCCA. 

11. Exhibitor Service Kit. 

All Exhibitors receive an Exhibitor Service Kit electronically, including order forms for ancillary services at the Conference. 

12. Union. 

Local union jurisdiction applies. Detailed information will be provided to Exhibitors in the Exhibitor Service Kit. 

13. Security.

Although security services may be furnished, neither SCCE & HCCA nor the Facility will be responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of property belonging to any Exhibitor, Sponsor, their agents, employees, business invitees, visitors, or guests. Security information will be available in the Exhibitor Service Kit. 

14. Indemnification.

Exhibitor/Sponsor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless SCCE & HCCA from and against all claims, losses and liabilities and causes of action, including reasonable attorney’s fees, resulting from any claim, suit, fine, penalty action or proceeding arising from, or out of, or by reason of (a) Exhibitor’s/ Sponsor’s breach of these Terms and Conditions, (b) Exhibitor or Sponsor’s violation of any applicable law, regulation or ordinance, (c) any accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any property, person, or persons, including the Exhibitor/ Sponsor, its agents, employees, and business invitees, which arise from, or out of, or by reason of said Exhibitor’s/Sponsor’s participation at the Conference, or (d) any negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct by Exhibitor/Sponsor, or employee, agent or any other third party on behalf of Exhibitor/Sponsor in connection with the Conference. Exhibitor/Sponsor’s indemnification obligation to SCCE & HCCA shall survive the termination of these Terms and Conditions. 

15. Exhibitor/Sponsor Insurance. 

All property of the Exhibitor/Sponsor is understood to remain under its custody and control in transit to and from or within the confines of the Facility. SCCE & HCCA and the Facility do not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor’s/Sponsor’s conduct or property. Exhibitor/Sponsor shall carry Commercial General Liability coverage, including premises, operations, and contractual liability coverage of at least $500,000 for Personal Injury Liability and $500,000 for Property Damage Liability and Statutory Workers’ Compensation insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws. A certificate of insurance shall be furnished if requested by SCCE & HCCA. 


16. Facility Rules. 

Exhibitors and Sponsors shall strictly comply with all conditions imposed by the Facility in its contract with SCCE & HCCA, and with the rules and regulations of the Facility. 

17. Damage to Property. 

The Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to Facility floors, walls, columns, standard booth equipment, or other Exhibitors’ property. The Exhibitor may not mar, tack, make holes, or apply paint, lacquer, adhesives, or other coating to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment 

18. Americans with Disabilities Act.

Exhibitor represents and warrants (i) that its exhibit will be accessible to the full extent required by law; (ii) that its exhibit will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and with any regulations implemented by the ADA; and (iii) that it shall defend, indemnify and hold SCCE & HCCA harmless from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses that may be incurred by or asserted against SCCE & HCCA, its officers, directors, agents, or employees on the basis of the Exhibitor’s breach of this paragraph or noncompliance with any of the provisions of the ADA. 

19. Mergers.

In the event of a merger of two or more Exhibitors or Sponsors, the following rules will apply: one main contact will be designated by the purchasing company to SCCE & HCCA, for all related correspondence and questions. The Exhibitor or Sponsor company will have one identity in the on-site Conference guide. A courtesy listing (example: ABC Company, see WorldAlliance), within one year of the acquisition or merger, will be provided if requested in writing. The cancellation policy set forth in these Terms and Conditions will apply to mergers regardless of the ability of SCCE & HCCA to resell the booth space. Priority Points will not be combined for companies that merge. This allows the company with the highest point total to keep the priority ranking they have achieved. 

20. Market research and surveys.

Exhibitors and Sponsors are not permitted to conduct surveys of conference attendees during the conference. 


21. Announcements

No public announcement of door prize winners will be made. 

22. Attendee information distribution. 

SCCE & HCCA encourages Exhibitor and Sponsor efforts to communicate with SCCE & HCCA attendees. However, in an effort to meet Exhibitor needs and also protect the privacy rights of our attendees, the following provisions shall apply. Exhibitors may request either a business card or may scan attendee badge barcodes using lead retrieval equipment to obtain contact information for follow-up. For Barcode Lead Scans, SCCE & HCCA agrees to release to the Exhibitor, where it is authorized to do so, attendee name, title, company, work postal mailing address, work phone, fax and e-mail, as provided by the attendee. Unless otherwise individually agreed with each attendee, Exhibitors shall (i) use attendee information in accordance with each attendee’s reasonable expectations, (ii) limit the use of attendee information to contacting each attendee no more than twice and no later than within 30 days following the exhibition, (iii) put in place reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of attendee information, (iv) comply with the rights of attendees including any opt-out requests, (v) not transfer attendee information to any third party outside the Exhibitor/Sponsor and any affiliate entities of Exhibitor/Sponsor, and (vi) comply with all applicable laws in relation to the use of attendee information. Regarding an Advance/Post Mailing List: SCCE & HCCA may, at its discretion, also offer Exhibitors/Sponsors the opportunity to communicate about their products and services through the pre-registered attendee postal address list and post-conference attendee postal address list, either or both of which may be available for purchase. This information is only provided to qualified SCCE & HCCA Exhibitors and Sponsors pursuant to the terms of SCCE & HCCA’s Conference Attendee List One-Time Use License. Each list shall include attendee name, title, company and preferred postal mailing address as provided by the attendee. SCCE & HCCA does not release attendee email addresses. Any Advance/Post Mailing List remains the property of SCCE & HCCA, and may not be sold or distributed by Exhibitor/Sponsor to third parties. 

23. Children. 

Due to health and safety considerations, children under the age of 18 will not be admitted to the exhibit program or educational sessions.

24. Picture taking, videotaping/audio taping. 

Exhibitors are not permitted to photograph, audiotape or videotape sessions, exhibits, or any other part of the conference without express, written approval from SCCE & HCCA. 

25. Music licensing. 

  • Exhibitor/Sponsor and SCCE & HCCA acknowledge that any public performance of music during the Conference requires a license. Exhibitor agrees to secure all licenses required for all such performances which occur in any area of the Facility exclusively reserved for Exhibitor’s/Sponsor’ use, including in an exhibit booth or Sponsor area. Exhibitor/Sponsor shall also cause its subcontractors to secure all licenses for their public performances of music. For purposes of this provision, a public performance is one that occurs “in a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered.” 
  • The foregoing provision applies to all public performances of music, including but not limited to live performances, as well as performances over television, radio, and by Internet or digital wireless service. 
  • Should Exhibitor/Sponsor use television, movies, video, or other media in its exhibit booth or Sponsor area (irrespective of whether music is incorporated in such media), Exhibitor/Sponsor shall also be required to secure all other licenses required by law for such performances. 
  • If SCCE & HCCA is contacted after the Event by a performing rights society or another entity seeking license fees for the unauthorized public performance of music or other media in an area exclusively used by Exhibitor/Sponsor, Exhibitor/ Sponsor shall promptly either: (i) pay the applicable license fees within ten (10) days of notification; or (ii) contest the validity of the request for license fees, in which case Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend, and hold SCCE & HCCA harmless from and against any claims, demands, judgments or liabilities arising from the failure to promptly pay all fees when due. This provision shall survive after the Conference and after termination of these Terms and Conditions. 

26. Promotion During Conference.

Exhibitors/Sponsors are not allowed to place brochures, stickers, signs, pens, posters or marketing materials anywhere other than within their own booth space. 

27. Trademarks. 

Exhibitor/Sponsor grants SCCE & HCCA, without the right to sublicense, a nonexclusive, revocable, nontransferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use and display Exhibitor/Sponsor’s company name and logo on SCCE & HCCA website(s), print materials, and in other marketing media solely for purposes of promoting the Event and future events, provided that such use is in accordance with Exhibitor/Sponsor’s established brand guidelines. If Exhibitor/Sponsor elects to become a branded Sponsor for any portion of the Event, the use of Exhibitor/Sponsor’s logo, marks, or artwork (collectively “Sponsor Artwork”) on any Event merchandise or collateral is subject to the prior approval of SCCE & HCCA, which reserves the right to reject any Sponsor Artwork that, in SCCE & HCCA’s sole discretion, fails to meet the defined specifications or general standards of quality for SCCE & HCCA events. Exhibitor grants SCCE & HCCA or anyone authorized by SCCE & HCCA the right to use or publish, in print or electronic format, any photographs or video taken during the Event which contain images of Exhibitor’s booth or space, including any trademarks, logos, or other images displayed in or on Exhibitor’s booth or space, as well as any images or likenesses of Exhibitor’s employees, contractors, subcontractors, or agents in the Exhibit Hall or at the Event. 

Exhibitor/Sponsor has no right to use the name, logo or trademarks of SCCE & HCCA as a result of being an Exhibitor/Sponsor at the Conference. 

28. OFAC.

Exhibitor represents and warrants that Exhibitor is and has not in the past five (5) years been (i) an individual or entity designated on any export control- or sanctions-related list maintained by any government, including, but not limited to, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Commerce;(ii) located, organized, or resident country or territory which is the subject of or target of any export control- or sanctions-related law; or(iii) owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by such individuals or entities in clause (i) or (ii).