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This two-day interactive workshop is for investigators who already know the basic skills and leaders who supervise an organization’s investigations program. Attendees will engage in expert-led discussions on a wide variety of subjects to get to the heart of the workshop’s objective: to move past the basic how-to’s of investigation and get to the next level of knowledge – the why.

Session leaders will cover traditional topics of investigations by opening and facilitating dialogue between participants and challenging assumptions. Discussions will explore report assessment, stakeholder management, interviewing, and much more.

Attendees will interact with other experienced investigators, learn from each other, and have a deeper understanding of key topics through rigorous dialogue. Because investigations are both art and science, the format encourages new ideas and solutions to investigator challenges.

Topics include: 

  • Responsibilities of an experienced investigator
  • Report intake and assessment
  • Managing the reporter
  • Choosing the best course of action
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Evidence and legal elements
  • Making your findings
  • Report writing
  • Concluding the investigation