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HCCA Compliance 101, Fourth Edition

Build and maintain an effective compliance program

Compliance 101, Fourth Edition, covers the fundamentals of healthcare compliance. Learn what goes into an effective compliance program and tips for making improvements. This newest edition has been updated with changes to federal regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus Rule. 

In this book you'll find: 

  • The importance of having an effective compliance program 
  • Steps for setting up and maintaining a program 
  • A chapter dedicated to HIPAA privacy and security regulations 
  • A glossary with compliance terms and definitions 
  • Sample compliance forms and policies 

This book is ideal for compliance professionals new to the field, compliance committee members, compliance liaisons, board members, and others who need a foundation in compliance principles.

About the authors

Debbie Troklus, CHC-F, CCEP-F, CHRC, CHPC, CCEP-I, is Managing Partner, Aegis Compliance and Ethics Center in Chicago, Illinois.  She has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry, and more than 16 of those years have been in the compliance arena.  Prior to her joining Aegis Compliance and Ethics Center, she served as the Assistant Vice President for Health Affairs/Compliance for the University of Louisville Health Science Center. 

Sheryl Vacca, CHC-F, CCEP-F, CCEP-I, CHRC, CHPC, is the SVP/Chief Compliance and Audit Officer for the University of California.  Sheryl has more than 30 years of health care experience in various areas of patient care, regulatory and audit compliance and internal audits.  Sheryl's current role is to oversee the compliance and internal audit programs at the University of California, a $27 billion company which includes national labs, medical centers, health care, research and innovation, and education.  with over 225,000 students and 195,00 employees.  

Darrell W. Contreras, Esq., CHC, CHRC, CHPC, is the Chief Compliance Officer for Millennium Health in San Diego, California.  Darrell is a licensed attorney who has worked for 20 years in health care compliance as a Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer and consultant in several segments of the health care industry. 

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