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Handouts - 2018 - Regional - Dallas

Dallas Regional Conference
Friday, February 16, 2018
Dallas, TX

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An Update on Government Enforcement Actions from the OIG and US Attorney’s Office

Karen Schandler Glassman, Senior Counsel, Office of Counsel to the IG, DHHS
Latisha Cleveland, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

  • An overview of recent enforcement actions and priorities
  • A closer look at: Home Health fraud schemes
  • A closer look at: Genetic Testing fraud schemes

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Healing the Healer: How to Find Happiness in a High Stress Profession

Saud Juman, CEO & President, PolicyMedical

  • Address the multiple causes of stress within the healthcare and compliance world and realign yourself to your profession
  • Understand how to better take care of yourself (mentally, physically and emotionally) so that you can better care for your patients and employees
  • Learn realistic techniques to combat burnout and stress through using helpful tactics such as meditation, journaling and affirmations

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

What Every Compliance Officer Needs in Their Toolkit

Bret Bissey, MBA, FACHE, CHC, CMPE, Healthcare Compliance Executive

  • Learn of the resources needed to develop an effective compliance program
  • The obstacles that will be present, challenges that will need to be overcome
  • Potential strategies to achieve success

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Cyber Liability Insurance and Understanding What is & Isn’t Covered

John Southrey, CIC, CRM, Director, Product Development & Consulting Services, Texas Medical Liability Trust

  • Evaluating the first-party and third-party coverage in a cyber insurance policy
  • Reviewing coverage gaps and exclusions in a cyber insurance policy
  • Understanding the interplay between contractual agreements and your cyber insurance

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How to Develop Benchmarking Scorecards to Transition to Risk-Based Physician Auditing/Monitoring

Jared Krawczyk, Mathematician, Nektar Anaytics

  • Explore and give examples of the critical benchmarking techniques needed to assess the risk of a physician’s coding patterns
  • Demonstrate how to organize the analysis results into one comprehensive physician compliance scorecard
  • Discuss how to apply the benchmarking results to create a proactive risk-based audit plan. (Providing actual example audit plans)

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Presentation (3 slides/page)

Kickbacks: the Prosecution’s Perspective

Andrew Wirmani, Assistant US Attorney, US Attorney’s Office
Kate Pfeifle, Assistant United States Attorney, Northern District of Texas

  • Recent developments in anti-kickback prosecutions
  • Application of the anti-kickback statute to private pay insurance?
  • The role of intent in the safe harbor provisions

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