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The health industry’s #1 source of timely news and business strategies for safeguarding patient privacy and data security, and reducing the chances of costly breaches. Published for hospitals, health plans and other HIPAA-covered entities and business associates, the 12-page newsletter focuses on privacy issues that can result in huge fines, penalties and public relations nightmares, including: security breach notification; business associate relations and agreements; and federal privacy rules for marketing, fundraising, privacy notices, minimum necessary, patient rights and safeguarding privacy in EHRs. Annual subscriptions include 12 issues of Report on Patient Privacy (with print and electronic delivery) and access to a subscriber-only website with 32 narrative sections of guidance by experts (packed with policies, procedures and practical tools), links to all pertinent documents, and searchable archives of the newsletter.

Theresa Defino

Editor | RPP

Theresa is well-versed in the ethical and compliance issues facing researchers and institutions, having worked for an academic medical center affiliated with a major midwestern university and having written hundreds of articles based on research studies. A veteran health care journalist and writer, Theresa has been based in Washington, D.C., since 1989.

Meet Theresa in this short video interview.

Meet Theresa in this short video interview.



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