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Thursday, October 10

Using a Learning Management System to Improve Your Compliance Program

Robert Brown Director of Compliance, University of Washington

• Consolidate and track your training completions in a Learning Management System (LMS)
• Generate reports and enlist managers to help you police completions
• Say goodbye to decentralized paper files and hello to electronic signatures


Compliance Committee Functions

Lea Fourkiller Managing Director, Ankura Consulting Group

Industry has demonstrated that the formation of a Management Compliance Committee can be an effective addition to a compliance program. In this session we will discuss:
• Formation and composition of your compliance committee
• Gaining support and commitment for your compliance committee
• Compliance professionals role with the compliance committee
• The management compliance committee functions


Supporting Compliant Billing in Colocated Physician and Hospital Space – From Stem to Stern

Anne Daly Chief Compliance & Integrity Officer, Children’s Hospital of Chicago Medical Center

• Providing all services in a convenient location to support patients’ health, convenience, and adherence to their treatment plans
• The co-location that makes such care possible comes with rules and regulations that are not intuitive or easily understood


Effective Compliance Oversight for Physician Financial Arrangements

Robert Wade Partner, Barnes & Thornburgh LLP

• Applicable Statutes/Regulations compliance should consider for physician financial arrangements
• Pitfalls compliance should consider when evaluating volume/value of referrals prohibition
• Fair Market Value vs. Commercial Reasonableness compliance oversight
• Best practices during operation of financial arrangements


Examples of Monitoring Activities

Sheryl Vacca SVP/Chief Risk Officer, Providence St Joseph Health At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

• Identify how to utilize their risk assessment process for identifying key priority areas for compliance monitoring
• Utilize tools provided for two different monitoring examples
• Network with the group participants on ideas for future compliance monitoring


Top Things a Privacy Officer Needs to Know, But Won’t Encounter Everyday

Marti Arvin VP, Audit Strategy, CynergisTek

• Dealing with the release of information in unique circumstances: minors, law enforcement, etc.
• Business associate agreements
• Marketing, fundraising, and research
• Photos, phones, and privacy


Friday, October 11

Learning Compliance and Risk Through the Movies

Isabella Porter Director of Compliance, District Medical Group Denise Atwood Chief Risk Officer, District Medical Group

• Define significance of risk and compliance preparation before a crisis event occurs
• Provide interactive ethical scenarios to gauge sensitivity readiness in order to plan for crisis aversion
• Illustrate the nuances between compliance and ethical operations and considerations


What Hospital and Healthcare System Compliance Officers Need to Know When Relying on an External Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Caroline Miner Research Compliance Manager Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Region

• Overview of the circumstances when hospitals and healthcare systems may need an IRB to review proposed research, uses of investigational drugs, biologics or devices, or the use of PHI for research purposes
• Identify and explain the two regulatory changes (effective 1/2019 and 1/2020) designed to move institutions toward greater reliance on a single, external IRB
• Outline what compliance officers should understand about selecting an external IRB, documenting the arrangement, and managing the division of responsibilities between the reviewing IRB and the relying institution


Enhanced Visibility: How Artificial Intelligence Enables Contracting Compliance

Kimberly Crow Hartsfield Chief Data Officer, TractManager

Advanced healthcare contract analytics and management processes can be leveraged as the catalyst for more strategic, data-driven business decisions, enabling:
• Analysis and reduction of costs during mergers, acquisitions, or other integration efforts
• Identification and mitigation of healthcare-specific compliance risks across the enterprise, such as missing BAAs
• Standardization of service-level agreements and consolidation of suppliers
• Rapid mining of contracts for specific clauses or language in support of cybersecurity risk evaluation or other regulatory audits


Advanced Practice Practitioners: Risks and Benefits in the Hospital Setting

Marie Wagner Operations Manager, Corporate Compliance, The Queen’s Health Systems
Janette Hermosura Corporate Compliance Coordinator, The Queen’s Health Systems

• Hospital expense vs independently billable service
• Stark Law or the Anti-Kickback Statute concerns
• Billing and documentation when working with physicians


Is Your Compliance Program Effective? – Panel

Lea Fourkiller Senior Director, Ankura Consulting Group
Debbie Troklus Managing Director, Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center LLP
Sheryl Vacca SVP/Chief Risk Officer, Providence St Joseph Health

• Discussion of measurements to be used to monitor effectiveness
• Discussion of the DOJ/HCCA/OIG effectiveness documents
• Interactive discussion conduct compliance effectiveness assessments